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If you`re living in the busy and fast-paced area of the City of London and are looking to take one of your many responsibilities off your to-do list, then call our carpet cleaning company Eva Cleaners cleaners at 020 3409 1608. We offer the most effective cleaning at the best prices, and will ensure that your carpets are left completely spotless. We guarantee the highest quality EC3 cleaning services and promise to tackle every inch of your home with the best cleaning equipment and the most skilled professional cleaners. No longer will you have to worry about clogged vacuum cleaners, old mops, or dust filled brooms.

Carpet Cleaning City EC2

Price List for City Carpet Cleaning:

Bedroom Carpet £31.00£24.00
Livingroom Carpet £43.00£31.00
Dining Area Carpet £43.00£31.00
Hallway £18.00£13.00
Stairs £25.00£20.00
Upholstery seats £20.00£15.00
Single Mattress £31.00£24.00
Double Mattress £31.00£24.00
King Size Mattress £47.00£34.00

Enjoy Our Great Value Carpet Cleaning Services in City

Live in your dust filled carpets no longer and take advantage of our high quality carpet cleaning services today. No need to organise your clutter before we arrive, our cleaners will take care of every aspect of cleaning involved and will leave your carpets dust-free and cleaned. For people living the City metropolitan life, it can sometimes prove too much to juggle the numerous pressures of succeeding in business along with the multiple responsibilities of maintaining a well functioning household.

Call 020 3409 1608 today and let Eva Cleaners help you fulfill your needs by providing you with professional carpet cleaning services that will leave your carpets looking spotless.

List of services we provide in City, EC2:
  • Carpet Cleaning City, EC2
  • Upholstery Cleaning City, EC2
  • Rug Cleaning City, EC2
  • Hardfloor Cleaning City, EC2
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning City, EC2
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning City, EC2
  • Office Cleaning City, EC2
  • Domestic Cleaning City, EC2
  • Window Cleaning City, EC2

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I highly recommend Eva Cleaners in the City as they have reasonable prices. I hired their carpet cleaning services in EC3. And the results were excellent. 

Eva CleanersEva Cleaners


Excellent customer service and exquisite results, will not hesitate to use again, this cleaning service was needed in EC3!

The Beauty of City Area

The eastern side of the City of London is filled with ancient landmarks and famous sites. The EC3 postcode district itself is surrounded by the Tower of London to the east, the London Bridge to its west and the River Thames to the south. The City of London, commonly called `the City`, is a major financial district that is one of the world`s primary business centres. The area is filled with old historical structures dating back centuries, including the Monument to the Great Fire of London, the Royal Exchange, and the Mansion House. St Paul`s Cathedral is another such monument that is over three centuries old, and is a famous attraction for people of all ages and religious backgrounds. It contains the infamous Whispering Room which contains magnificent acoustics that could allow you to hear a pin drop.

Over recent years there have been a growing number of modern buildings in the area, primarily built for use by the financial sector. The City now encapsulates modern cosmopolitan life as it seems to resonate to a higher beat than the rest of London. There are a huge number of flashy bars that are spread out through the area, as well as fancy restaurants and beautiful museums that are visited by tourists and residents alike. If you`re looking for a more serene experience, you could always head to the south of the area and take a stroll down by the meandering course of the River Thames.


Finding the right mode of transportation is never a problem within the area, as you may choose to take one of 11 tube stations of the London Underground network or one of the two Docklands Light Railway stations within the area. By 2018, there will be a high capacity west-east Crossrail railway line to run across the north of the City.

Choose our cleaning company and your carpets will be clean enough to lie on. Don`t wait another minute and reserve our cleaning services to make your life easier as soon as possible. Once you`ve booked our services, don`t forget to reserve a great event or venue you longed to go for a long time or you can simply embrace some local initiative. Take a look at all of them in the City of London Council website.

Just give our EC3 carpet cleaning company Eva Cleaners a ring on 020 3409 1608 and let us wipe your cares away.