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carpet cleaning DocklandsKeeping a workplace clean without a regular, professional cleaning service is a very difficult task - for some office managers, it may be impossible. If you rely on your employees to keep everything tidy on their desks, that`s one thing; but if you ask them to clean the kitchenette, hoover the carpets, or wash windows, you may be going too far. Not only will your employees resent you, but it means that their other work isn`t getting done while they are tasked with cleaning jobs. The alternative of doing nothing is simply not acceptable. A clean workplace is not only a safer workplace but it is a more productive and efficient one as well.

Calling Eva Cleaners on 020 3409 1608 today can help you solve the problem of how to keep the office clean and your employees happy all in one fell swoop, and you won`t have to take out a small loan in the process
. Our rates are incredibly affordable for even a small business, and the results will have you stunned. You can hire us for any number of fantastic cleaning services, such as full office cleaning, or have us in to do the curtains, carpets or upholstery periodically to keep your office space dust and allergen free. So call today for your free quote or to set up an appointment.

Docklands, also known as London Docklands, is not really the official name of the area in southeast and east London that everyone knows it by. The area itself isn`t confined to just one London borough; it is part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the London Boroughs of Newham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets. The name is fitting, however, as this area was once the largest port anywhere in the world. The natural quay that existed and was used as far back as medieval and Roman times for docking ships was built upon to create a more protected area, and many commercial successes and docks followed, including the West India, the East India, the Royal Albert, the Royal Victoria, and others.
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The area known as Docklands today is a far cry from what it once was - a bunch of small, isolated communities of dockworkers and shipbuilders. Although none of the actual docks are still working, the area has become a focus of redevelopment and has again become a significant business centre and residential area. Some of the old docks and warehouses have even been turned into housing units, but most have been torn down. Today, one can visit the Museum of London Docklands to learn about some of the sometimes brutal history associated with the shipping industry in London and there are a number of luxury hotels and apartments in the area, which includes the Isle of Dogs at the tip of the peninsula. The Docklands are near Canary Wharf, London`s second-largest financial and business centre outside the City of London, so it`s no surprise that some of the development there has trickled down to the docklands.

Whether you are starting a new business and are looking to get off on the right foot or you are a tenant in need of tenancy cleaning or after-builders cleaning, there are many ways we can help you out when it comes to cleaning. Our services are mix-n-match, which means you choose only those you need and you never pay more than you expect. Our flexibility is another of our great assets, so for after-hours or weekend cleanings, there`s really nowhere else to turn. Remember, Eva Cleaners is at your service as soon as you ring 020 3409 1608.

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