Cleaning your house is back breaking work and although the end result is satisfying, it never seems to be long before it is screaming for your attention again. As a result you end spending numerous precious hours redoing the same repetitive tasks. However, as with any home, there comes a time when certain areas start to end up with dirt and grime that builds up over a long period that one simply just does not get the chance to spend extra time on. These are areas such as windows, hard to reach corners, walls, carpets and floors behind and under heavy furniture. When you need this more in-depth type of E1 cleaning done, then Eva Cleaners have the right type of package for you. For information on these E1 home cleaning services you can call 020 3409 1608 and speak to one of our representatives today.

Brick Lane Street is in the E1 postcode district and links to Whitechapel High Street; it is renowned for its many top quality curry houses and is the heart of the Banladeshi-Sylheti community which is referred to as Banglatown. Most of these restaurants do not sell alcohol, as they are Muslim run enterprises. The area has recently gained a name for its many art and fashion exhibitions that are held near Brick Lane. This curry capital of the United Kingdom is also where one will find numerous well known night clubs and other nearby attractions include the Great London Mosque and Christ Church in Spitalfields. Spitalfields and Brick Lane are also home to numerous markets including Petticoat Lane Market. To the north is Shadwell, it is dominated by Shadwell Basin which was previously an enclosed dock. A bascule bridge spans the Basin and mostly small craft such as canoes can be seen. St Paul’s Church is a prominent skyline sight and is highly visible from the River Thames. Tower Hamlets Community Housing or THCH included a hops garden into their development and this has given rise to the annual THCH Hop Festival. In 2009 hops that was harvested from these gardens was used to brew a beer called “Old Hopper’s Brew”; it was so popular that within one month it was sold out.  Stepney is also part of the E1 postcode area;  although it is predominantly made up of a residential area with modern housing and tower blocks, there are a few Victorian and Georgian terraced homes still standing. Arbour Square is one such section that still has these historic houses. Parts of Miles End form a section of this eastern district; the areas are served via underground and Overground stations. This East End of London is ideal for those tourists that would like to experience London’s Asian culture.

Our specific E1 house cleaning packages are formulated to offer you an all-in-one service that will quickly and professionally sort out these little cleaning dilemmas. Eva Cleaners want to ensure that we can meet every possible request made by our many clients and therefore we can send a team of E1 cleaners out to your home that will dust, wash and polish every miniscule section of your home. We aim to please and thus there is no need for you to supply us with any equipment or detergents. Basically, when it comes to this aspect of our cleaning process we are very particular as to what type of products we incorporate. We only use appropriate cleaning products that are not only safe on the environment, but also safe for you and your family. The anti-bacterial agents will leave your home perfectly clean and germ free. Call us now to book your team of cleaners 020 3409 1608. While we work at getting your home in tip top shape, you may want to enjoy a day out in the town. To find more information about where to go and what to see, be sure to have a look at the local council’s website here or here.