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If your home in Addlestone need thorough Carpet Cleaning, our local Carpet Cleaners in Addlestone KT15 can help you.
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Need some help cleaning your KT15 home? Let Eva Cleaners assist you.

carpet cleaning KT15Do you feel that you have everything under control? You have a lovely family with kids that do well in school? Your friends and family are astonished by your lovely home whenever they come by for a cup of tea. You have a job that gives you time to maintain your house and get some free time during the weekends. But do you feel that you would like some help once in a while to really clean out everything and make it sparkle? Maybe you want your oven perfectly spotless once in a while, or your sofas dry cleaned or the broadloom totally free from dust and odor. If you want this done, it will require more of your precious time and maybe you are not ready to give that up, but still want your home and items totally cleaned once a month or something like that. Then Eva Cleaners is your way to go. We will come by whenever you like us to and really help you to clean out your house. We can upholstery clean, scrub your stove, clean out the cabinets or filter your garage. Whatever you might want help with, your cleaning service KT15 will gladly give you a hand to do that extra careful cleaning every once in a while. Just give us a call on 020 3409 1608 and we will discuss your needs and give you a free quote.

KT15 is the postcode of a small town in the Runnymede Borough Council named Addlestone and was named after the Saxon Attel. Addlestone has in the past only been a settle of small cottages around the church up until 1848 when the railway was founded. Once that was settled, Addlestone grew bigger in population and in size. It has got a live leisure center and a fine golf course. Parts of KT15 go under the regulation of Woking Borough Council which offers interesting historical buildings as well as great parks for outdoor activities.

One tree that is said to be the oldest one in Britain - about a thousand years old - is located here; The Crouch Oak which bark was once said could be used for love poison and it apparently it is said that Elizabeth I once had a pic nic under it. The George Inn which was built three hundred years ago and is now more or less the pounding heart of this town. It is now a nice pub which is always worth a visit. Cleaners KT15 cleaning

You live in this fine little town with great connections to London city center so you have lots of better things to do than to clean your house throughout. It is boring and it will help you so much more just let someone else help you with this task. So maybe it is time for you to call for some help. Sofa cleaners KT15 will help you keep your couches neat and free from odor and dust, it is worth to have this done about once every few weeks and not just vacuuming and airing the sofas and turn the cushions, I mean really clean them out, dry clean and impregnate. Your K15 upholstery cleaning will take your furniture and make them shine in no time. All we need from you is to provide us with access to the premises you want us to clean so that the whole process can start in time. Call us if you want us to make your house shine.

Postcode KT15 nearby postcodes KT13, KT14, KT16
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