Everyone knows how terrible it is to have to clean a house. It is very time-consuming, and oftentimes you would much rather be doing something else. If this is how you feel, then you would definitely benefit from hiring a cleaning company. Eva Cleaners at 020 3409 1608 will not be satisfied with only partially meeting requests made by our clients; instead we have workers that have a positive attitude and high capabilities due to their extensive training. Our N16 cleaning contractors are not taught any skills while on your premises; when our team reaches you, every member has already been fully trained. Due to the fact that we use the latest technology we ensure that these cleaners know how to operate the machinery in a safe and responsible manner. Hiring N16 cleaners to enter your business might entail a company needing to come in after hours. We certainly understand this and therefore flexibility in our working hours is something that all our clients can take full advantage of.

Stoke Newington is often referred to as “Stokie” but it is defined by the N16 postcode area. Its boundaries are somewhat blurred but for such a small district it is jam packed with copious amounts of open spaces. The West Reservoir which is a working facility lies to the north and is open to the public for leisure activities. These include canoeing, sailing as well as various other water sports. One can also take sailing courses approved by the Royal Yachting Association. Visitors to the reservoir can have a relaxing cup of tea at the café; old hydraulic pump machinery can also be viewed. The strangely built Castle Climbing Centre is situated at the entrance and was at one time the main pumping station for the Water Board. It is a much loved iconic landmark in this area. To the South one will find Clissold Park which has a menagerie, Clissold Mansion and an aviary. This extensive parkland is a beautiful part of the district. As one travels east it will bring one to a breathtaking Victorian cemetery called Abney Park Cemetery, which has been sighted as a nature reserve. It was set up to become a botanical garden, and one is able to view the plans which have been set in place to protect this historic part of the N16 postcode district. Tracking across to the east, is Stoke Newington Common which is, although considered to be quite charming, is not as appealing as the surrounding parklands. Stoke Newington is considered a perfect area to find pubs and bars that offer visitors an interesting music scene. They have also started a local literary festival which occurs in June every year and comes highly recommended by The Times. The area is serviced by underground rail and accessible via 4 various railway stations. People that do find themselves in this area will have more than their fair share of relaxation with a good dose of entertainment.

As there are so many different types of methods used to clean specific areas, such as kitchens etc we make sure that the products that we use suit the type of area being cleaned. When our cleaning contractors N16 are hired to perhaps clean up after builders have left a site, we will treat it differently to a residential area that needs to be cleaned. But in both cases Eva Cleaners will utilize eco-friendly techniques to do the task on hand. We are also able to come out on short notice and there is no need to book our services in advance. Call us on 020 3409 1608 today and see what we can do for you. You will also find more information on the area, as well as find out what other activities are available for you and your family to enjoy by visiting the local council’s website.