When it comes to entering into any type of agreement with a contractor, most people will admit that it is a stressful event; as one does not know if it is all going to be according to plan. Usually everything looks good on paper but tends to fall apart due to discrepancies. However, this is not the case when hiring N7 cleaning contractors with Eva Cleaners, as we always deliver on our promises. We always put our clients’ needs before our own and due to the diversity of the industry we have trained all our cleaners for every aspect of the services that we endeavour to give you. When you call us on 020 3409 1608 we establish early on exactly what you expect us to do. Our representatives start off by determining what your budget is and then we will customize our services and packages accordingly. We do however have predetermined packages that cover basic services that we find several clients ask for.

Located 3, 8 miles north of Charing Cross one will find N7 or Holloway, which is an inner city district. Nag’s Head is the most densely populated of all of London, and is similarly home to a large multicultural population. In the early 1300s Tollington Lane, was in a poor state and gave rise to the Great North Road which is now the A1 that runs through Holloway. Holloway Road Tube is on the Piccadilly line making travel within this area relatively easy and convenient. It is also serviced by bus and road. Up until the 1900 the whole region was mostly rural but later in the century it grew, becoming a focal shopping mall. The Odeon cinema situated at Holloway and Tufnell Park Road was severely damaged during the WW2. But thankfully the renovations still retained the impressive staircase and entrance hall of this historic building. This N7 area is additionally where one will find HMP Holloway Parkhurst Road, which dates back to 1852; originally this was prison for both male and female offenders. But since 1902 it has been a female only prison. Nowadays, this area is an upbeat commercial, business and residential district. This is home to Andover which is a huge neighbourhood, and adds to the density of the population in Holloway. The tower, is the tallest building in this entire region, and is part of the Learning House and Stapleton House. Holloway is considered home to a lot of people that work in the media industry; these are professional writers, journalists as well as film and television personalities. But most will agree that being home to Arsenal FC is actually the cherry on top for the local area.

Any of our clients that choose to rather have their premises cleaned on a regular basis are seen by Eva Cleaners as people that care about their properties and they regard its cleanliness as part of daily maintenance. Services that we offer our clients are always done in an efficient manner. To us it does not matter if you are a private residential client or large industrial one, we are able to send out teams that will leave your property sparkling clean. 020 3409 1608 is the number that you should call if you are looking for reputable cleaning contractors N7 within your local area. Contract cleaners N7 are used throughout the world, but normal practice is for these companies to only specialize in either the industrial, domestic or corporate office sectors. This is where we are different as we can offer our clients all of these services. One can visit the local council website for more information, as well as to learn handy tips on what to expect from a reputable service provider in the area. With us we do not expect anything from you; but go out of our way to give you everything that you expect from us.