SW3 Cleaning agencies such as Eva Cleaners certainly offer a broad spectrum of services that are designed to make the transition from a building site to a residential site a lot easier. These services that we offer are not a regular type of SW3 cleaning service, as we know that at the end of any build there is enormous amounts of rubble, paint splashes, bathroom and kitchen clean-up etc that require specific techniques to get them spotlessly clean. Furthermore, all the detergents utilized will also leave the premises smelling fragrantly fresh as opposed to paint, dust and plaster. A sore point for numerous construction companies is the fact that no build can be signed off until it is completely clean of all rubble and building materials. Thus it would be advisable for these types of companies to work hand in hand with us throughout the process to ensure that there are no delays; information on contractual cleaning can be obtained from 020 3409 1608.

The SW3 part of the Chelsea District comprises Chelsea, parts of Knightsbridge and Brompton. Chelsea is a wealthy part of central London and makes up quite a large area along the southern banks of the River Thames. Residents within the area are referred to as Sloane Rangers which is a British term for individuals of upper class traits or lifestyles. It is mainly due to the glamorous lifestyles of residents of this area that this term has been coined; this is also home to the largest community of American citizens that live outside of the US. In addition, it is also home to the UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea Football Club; who boast as having the wealthiest supporters in all of Britain. This club is owned by the Russian billionaire, roman Abramovich who also resides in Chelsea. It is also home to several wealthy bankers as well as film stars including well known actor Oscar Wilde. Some of the buildings date back to the time of Richard III such as Crosby Hall, situated on Cheyne Walk. Notable residents include members of the two iconic bands; The Beatles and The Rolling Stones; this together with the many quirky shops gave it a reputation of being a Bohemian suburb; however that is not what modern day Chelsea is classed as anymore. King’s Road is home to several of Britain’s high end shops including Gap and is being a likened to Bond Street and all of its designer stores. SW3 also includes the triangular shaped Brompton area; which includes numerous well known landmarks, such as, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum. Tourists looking to spend their day shopping and browsing through these two famous museums can use one of the myriad of busses or stations to gain access to this wonderful affluent area of South-West London.

Unfortunately at times SW3 cleaning services are left as a last option and this leads to many difficulties; firstly any defects or mishaps are only visible once the newly constructed buildings are clean. This could cause a devastating ripple effect that delays the handing off of the building site, which in turn will delay the successful renting of the premises and cause severe loss of income for all concerned parties. Whereas if Eva Cleaners is called in at critical times during the building processes, any mistakes that need to be rectified can be revealed. New SW3 house cleaning is a job we take very seriously and thus when called on to assist we respond immediately. Call today on 020 3409 1608 and we will send a suitable team to supply the perfect ending to any type of building project regardless of the size. For more information about our company and the services we offer be sure to have a look at the local council’s website.