If you own a restaurant you are undoubtedly fully aware of all the health regulations that need to be adhered to. Eva Cleaners has specialized SW8 kitchen cleaning teams have been fully trained as to what is required by these safety codes. As a result we can assist you in obtaining a higher star rating for your restaurant as well. When any of our clients call 020 3409 1608, we will gladly come out and assess which areas need attention. Moreover, we can work out a regiment that your employees can follow to maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant.  We in effect actually deem the entire premises as part of your kitchens workings and therefore we will give advice on running the restaurant in a hygienic way. Make sure that your clients are kept satisfied by calling our expert teams in.

South Lambeth SW8 has a large Portuguese community, and is situated south west of London. Originally, it was simply a marshland but boomed due to its close proximity to Central London. It is situated right next to Waterloo River and is also close to Tate Modern and South Bank. Several companies prefer to rent office space in this area as it is cheaper, yet still close to the central hub of London. It has a beautiful library, which dates back to 1610 and is England’s oldest library; situated between Kennington and Stockwell; it offers free use of computers and internet, which make it an integral part of this community. Other noteworthy landmarks are the London Eye, St Thomas’ Hospital and the Royal Festival Hall which are all huge tourist attractions. When it comes to entertainment this area offers some of the finest restaurants; the pubs and bars are plentiful and all come highly recommended. This SW8 area has hundreds of shops and galleries that are sure to keep any visitor completely enthralled. When it comes to shopping though, Lower Marsh Road is the street with the most shops on offer. Lambeth County Fair is almost an out of place event as it bring a rural type of element with livestock into this bustling area much to the delight of local residents. It takes place annually in Brockwell Park; there are over 300 exhibitions that include flower competitions, owl displays and a miniature railway as well. It normally runs for two days, namely, Saturday and Sunday. Any gardening enthusiast should pay a visit to the Garden Museum which has Edwardian and Victorian gardening objects and there are over nine thousand collections for one to peruse. But this is simply only one of many attractions in South Lambeth.

Eva Cleaners also make use of products that have been specially formulated for restaurant use. The products have anti-bacterial agents that eliminate the chance of any food being contaminated by harsh chemicals or cross-contamination. Food poisoning is a serious problem and should your restaurant end up with any such cases it is almost certain that your business will be closed down and even possible that your license will be revoked. The local authorities are very strict when it comes to any type of food poisoning incidents; therefore when you need to employ good kitchen cleaning SW8 programs for your business, help is available on 020 3409 1608. Preventing any negative incidents should be the first priority of any restaurant owner. For more information on these services, as well as how you can help the community, have a look at the local council’s website. Building a better tomorrow is a team effort, and by joining us, you can do your part in making sure the environment, as well as your business is clean and hygienic.