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Tired Of Cleaning Up After Everyone Else in Brentford and Kew Bridge? We`ll Do It For You!

carpet cleaning TW8Keeping a tidy house is far from easy. You work hard all day and then the last thing you want to have to do when you get in is break out the vacuum cleaner and sponge. You want to be able to relax, to break open a bottle of wine and kick your feet up or head out with some friends for a meal. If you want to hire a cleaning company that is based in Brentford and Kew Bridge then look no further than Eva Cleaners, your professional cleaners in the TW8 area. Just give us a ring on 020 3409 1608 and stop wondering about what you could be doing with that time and start doing it!

Brentford and Kew Bridge sit in south west london as part of the London Borough of Houslow. Brentford itself is cosily settled at the meeting point of the River Thamse and the River Brent, historically considered to be a part of Middlesex.

The place appears as Breguntford as early as 705 and literally translates as `ford over the River Brent`. It is actually older than London itself and there have been plenty of Iron Age pieces found in these parts such as the Brentford horn-cap from between 100BC and AD50. Based on his own writings we are pretty sure that this is the spot that Julius Caesar crossed the Thames in is 54BC invasion so history is everywhere you look.

In more recent times the town has been home to a dock since 1859 which has since become a marina and housing development. It also plays host to the Brentford Festival, held every September for well over 100 years.
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Kew Bridge itself is one of the many famous bridges that link the two sides of the Thames, in this instance joining Brentford to Kew Green on the northern bank. The bridge itself is the latest incarnation of a structure that has been in place since the mid to late 1700s. The original architect John Barnard dedicated the original design to the Prince of Wales and his mother in 1759 and his design was implemented by Robert Tunstall.

Tunstall`s son then constructed the replacement which was built alongside; a fine structure made up of two stone arches and large wooden planks. It was sold in 1918 for the princely sum of 23,000. This bridge however had no chance of coping with the industrial revolution and the current bridge was put up in time for an opening ceremony in 1903 by King Edward VII.

Taking the decision to choose Eva Cleaners, your local oven and upholstery cleaning specialists is the smart choice. We will give you back hours of your life and we are flexible so we work around you. If you need someone to clean up the kid`s mess before guests come round, we can pop round in the morning. If your workplace needs a regular tidy up at the end of the day you can give us a ring and we`ll be there as you leave. That way you can have quality time for yourself to relax. Or better to be active, with all the interesting campaigns in your borough, it's hard to stay still. Check the London Borough of Hounslow website here and find what suits you best while we take care of the rest!.

Postcode TW8 nearby postcodes TW9,TW7, W7, W13, W5, W3, W4
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