When taking on the cleaning of any industrial sized kitchen it is an immense task that requires skilled WC2 cleaners that will not damage these important and extremely expensive pieces of equipment. Moreover, Eva Cleaners is also aware of all the regulations with regards to health and safety and will make sure that our employees follow them while on your premises. What’s more, you can contact us on 020 3409 1608 to get a list of these regulations and if need be we will send a qualified representative to assist you in setting up a WC2 cleaning schedule that will help you adhere to all of these strict rules. This is vitally important for any food industry business as passing spot compliance check-ups is the difference between operating ones company or being forced to close your doors; which would have devastating repercussions. Similarly if you are facing a fine or possible closure it is imperative that you contact us as a matter of urgency.

The West Central district of London is divided into two postcode areas, one of which is the WC2 postcode district. Its boundaries are as follows; to the north New Oxford Street and High Holborn; the southern boundary is River Thames and Northumberland Avenue, to the east Essex Street and Chancery Lane and finally to the west Witcomb and Wardour Street. A notable place within this boundary is Trafalgar Square, which is a main tourist attraction in the central part of London. The square has Nelson’s Column with its 4 lion statues making up the base, in the centre. Besides this famous square there are also several other world famous sights and attractions, making this one of the main areas of tourism for the City of London. Chancery Lane which makes up the western boundary is mostly associated with the UK’s legal profession and many consulting firms have their offices on this street. Aldwych road is actually a crescent that is connected to Strand Road; notable buildings on this road are the Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Novello and Aldwych Theatre and the Aldwych tube station. While Wardour Street offers visitors the choice of more than thirty bars and restaurants, where they can take time out from sight seeing and have something to eat, it also crosses Oxford Street, which is the busiest street in terms of shopping on the European continent. The street is well served by 4 main bus routes as well as 4 London Underground tube stations. In truth the WC2 postcode district has some of London’s most congested and busiest intersections and streets; and is a well liked tourist spot with an abundance of shopping, interesting sights and a bustling night life. It will certainly form part of any UK tourists’ schedules and itineraries and will most definitely not disappoint.

Due to our flexibility, we are able to mobilize a full complement of cleaners to your premises within a few hours after being contacted on 020 3409 1608. Being available 24/7 is part of the service offered by Eva Cleaners in our endeavour to meet all our customers’ needs and provide full guarantees on all services offered. WC2 cleaning contractors are normally an entire separate entity but we offer this as a feature linked to all the services in our repertoire. This means that as a client you can choose to use us on a regular schedule or once off basis. Our WC2 cleaning agency is unique in this aspect; as we are able to give our clients the best of both worlds in the fact that they get experts at their disposal, on terms and conditions that suit their specific needs without compromising on the quality of service that they are being given. Don’t forget to have a look at the local council’s website to find out more information on this great area as well as to book that spa therapy session you so deserve. Now with a little more time on your hands you can afford to spoil yourself once in a while.