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Postcode WD23 belongs to Bushley, a town located in Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire, however some parts of it are in the Watford Borough. There are many theories on where the name Bushley comes from, but the most modern one is that it comes from the old English word `bysce` - in French: boisseie - which meant `place covered with wood` which would actually fit this town as it was once filled with forests. The Bushey we know today began during the Napoleonic War when the country suffered from a big food shortage so the government decided that the waste land in Bushey should be used for farming. And once people were settled here, the magnificent nature made them stay.  In only 100 years, between 1860-1960 the population in Bushey grew 28 times bigger because of the industrialism caused by the formation of the railway in early 1900`s - this resulted in many jobs both in Watford and outside. So in the 1920`s they built the first council house in Bushey. All though the growing of the population reduced because of the lack of space, since much land in Bushey was protected under the Green Belt due to the consequences of World War II. Bushey has the feeling of being a small town, despite its closeness to London and they run different events of their own like the Bushey Festival each summer and the Horticultural Society`s flower show.

Up until the 18th century, Bushey Heath was filled with forests and had quite a bit of lack of farming, constabulary and street lights which gave Bushey a great amount of folklore and tales about highwaymen, thieves, murderers etc. like Robberies on Bushey Heath, which made the road from there towards Stanmore a scary reputed way to travel with money from London. People rarely went on those roads alone. Cleaners WD23 cleaning

If you are located here, maybe you would like to take part of this charming little town instead of having to be stuck inside the house during the weekends, maintaining your home. Call us for a free quote and book your meeting today. For a small fee we will send you a fine team who will help you release some heavy tasks from your shoulders.

Postcode Bushey nearby postcodes WD6, WD17, WD18, WD19, WD24, WD25, HA3, HA5, HA7
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