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Garston, Leavesden, Aldenham and Letchmore Heath are all areas of the County of Hertfordshire.  Garston is a village situated in Hertfordshire and is considered to be a suburb of Watford, although it does have an identity of being a separate village too. It is probably due to the fact that here in Garston lies the main Leisure Park of Watford, that the two areas can often be classed as one. Although it is a village (or suburb of Watford as it is also known as), Garston is home to several churches and there a few secondary schools in the area too. You will also find that there is a railway station and bus garage in the village too.

Leavesden is an area of Hertfordshire which should not be confused with the Leavesden film studios. Aldenham is a village and civil parish. The village is situated 5.6km north east of Watford and is one of Hertsemere`s conservation areas. Many of the buildings in the area remain untouched even though they are remicents of the pre-19th century. Aldenham`s own church is one of the historical buildings which is still there in the village and there are also eight other listed buildings which date back from before the 19th century. Some of the buildings in the area have undergone refurbishment and reconstruction, but there are still some historical buildings which have been left untouched. There are a few small hamlets in the area, many of which consist of historical houses. One of the major landmarks in the are is Aldenham Social Club, a former medieval house which was built in around the 1500`s.
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Located just 3 miles east of Watford is the Hertfordshire village of Letchmore Heath. The village is in close proximity of Elmrose Studios and as a result, has helped to make Letchmore the filming location for numerous TV programs and films throughout the years. Letchmore Heath has roughly 150 houses and is a very pretty village. The village doesn`t have a main road that runs through the village centre nor can the village be reached by public transport, as there are no public transport connections. However, the village is also located close by to the M1 and M25 motorways. Living in such community must be a real luck as there are so many green park around to spend some time with your beloved ones among the nature. See all the details and opening hours about them on the official site of the Hertfordshire County Council.

There is no doubt that hiring Eva Cleaners for your WD25 clean will definitely save you money, hassle and time, so don`t miss out on all of these advanatges. Prior to coming to clean your property we will need a key to your house or office or other way to have access to do our quality cleaning job in the specified property.

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