18Dec 2009
Carpet Cleaning Extras

Carpet Cleaning Extras
Carpets do not only adorn a barren home. They are also functional pieces that help maintain the order of your abode. However, these fixtures have to be maintained so you can enjoy your carpets for a lifetime.
A cleaning company often provides the necessary services your carpets need. Here are some examples.
Stain Removal
Carpet cleaners are proficient in this type of service. They expertly spot the kind of stain in your carpet so they can remove it using the best possible ways. Usually, they charge a base price for minor stains. However, they may require extra fees for highly soiled carpets.
Once you send the carpet over, cleaners would ask the specific pollutant that stained your rug. But if you're not aware of the cause, they begin using some methods to point out the particular source of stain.
Spraying a cleaning agent over the carpet is helpful in stain removal. This is usually done a few minutes before the actual cleaning process. The chemicals assist in dissolving oils and grease so more grime can be removed from the carpet.
Soil Retardants
Newly-manufactured carpets are equipped with a coating that helps shed spills. As a result, stains become easy to remove if treated at an early time. If the carpet begins to age, you may need to have it re-treated in a cleaning company.
To know if your carpets need re-treatment, sprinkle a few drops of water on the rug and see if the fibers absorb it swiftly. If they get sopped up in a faster-than-normal pace, then it's time to have your carpets re-treated.
Fluorochemical based carpets are the most excellent chemicals to handle the treatment process. It should be gently brushed into the carpet whilst it's damp from cleaning.
Odor Treatments
Odor reduction is now made possible by carpet cleaning companies. They make use of chemicals or enzyme-based products to efficiently remove stench from your carpets. They also use deodorising and anti-microbial agents to improve the carpet's quality.

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