22Feb 2013
Cleaning Cheats and Shortcuts

Cleaning Cheats and Shortcuts

Cleaning is a tedious and long winded job, not only that, but you know full well you are going to have to re-do it again and again.  Therefore sometimes it is ok to cheat a little and use helpful hints that make cleaning up much easier, quicker and much less work. Using these cleaning cheats and shortcuts can greatly reduce the time you spend on cleaning your home so it is worthwhile familiarising yourself with them.

•    When you are cleaning, keep an old sock (one of the unmatched ones that you have in abundance will suffice) to hand, when you see something that needs dusting, put the sock over your hand and give it a wipe over.

•    Rather than get out your vacuum cleaner to clean things like lampshades, why not try using a lint brush, this will collect all of the dust and loose fibres and will make your furniture and look just as clean as it would if it were vacuumed.

    When you are cleaning windows and mirrors consider using an old newspaper to wipe them over instead of a rag or cloth.  Newspaper actually works better than a rag would as the print helps to prevent smears forming, furthermore, it means you won’t have to wash and clean the rag/cloth, giving you less overall cleaning work to do.

•    When you need to clean out the microwave, fill a cup with water, put it in the microwave and turn the microwave on.  As the water boils it will create steam inside the microwave which will loosen any dirt or stains and make it much easier for you to wipe clean.

•    On a daily basis, check your fridge for any food that is out of date or looking/smelling questionable. If you do this daily you will help much more room in your fridge, and it won’t be such a task when you do decide to clean it out properly.

•    On a night when you decide you don’t want to cook and so decide to order in, spray your entire oven with oven cleaner and leave it.  The next day you will be able to wipe it clean, it will be much easier to tidy as the grease and food will have been soaked in cleaner and will therefore start to lift away from the oven.  Furthermore, you won’t miss the use of your oven for that night, or have to rush your cleaning so that you can do your cooking.

•    When it comes to washing, drying and sorting clothes, and if your children are old enough, make everyone responsible for doing their own laundry.  This will save you from having to do it all, and will make everyone appreciate the things that you do have to do for them.

    Washing up is a job that should be shared, take it in turns to do the washing up, and give the person who washes up a treat, maybe let them choose the dessert that night. While you are cooking or baking, keep a bowl of soapy warm water to hand and wash as you go.  This will leave you with less to do at the end of the meal after everyone has eaten.

•    When you need to sort through all those papers and letters you have received and file them away, put something on the television that you like to watch and do the two alongside one another. Filing isn’t the most difficult or taxing of jobs to do, as you don’t really need to think much about it, divert your attention to the television, and the paperwork and filing will be done in no time.

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