03Mar 2013
Cleaning Myths Unravelled

Cleaning Myths Unravelled

There are a lot of old wives tales when it comes to cleaning and what works and what doesn’t.  If you listen to and believe these myths you may become very confused as to what the best thing to use to clean is, and what you should avoid using.  Below are some of these myths and explanations as to how much truth there is in them.

Is Bleach the best, multi-purpose cleaner?

No, bleach is very effective in some cleaning duties and for things like cleaning the toilet it is ideal and does its job perfectly.  However, it doesn’t actually clean much, therefore, familiarise yourself with what it is intended to clean, and use it to clean those things only.

Carpet Cleaner can shrink your carpet?

Carpet cleaner is designed specifically to clean your carpets therefore the likelihood of it actually shrinking your carpet is very minimal.  With this being said, please do check with your manufacturer and make sure there aren’t any carpet products you should be avoiding as some products can discolour and/or ruin the fabric the carpet is made from.  

Can you use vinegar as a cleaning product?

Yes, it is an excellent cleaning product, it can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner to clean most surfaces and remove most dirt and stubborn stains, it is cheap and eco-friendly and as a result is perfect to use for cleaning your home. Please bear in mind that vinegar cannot be used on all surfaces, it is very strong and can damage delicate surfaces such as marble.

Does using more products make what you’re cleaning, cleaner?

No, regardless of how much cleaning product you use you r things won’t come out any cleaner.  The ideal thing to do is use the cleaning product as advised and with the correct equipment (such as cloth or scourer) and use hot water. Hot water is excellent in helping you to clean, using a mixture of this and cleaning product is always better than using too much cleaning product. Overusing cleaning products can actually damage whatever it is you’re cleaning.

Can you really use newspaper to clean mirrors and windows?

Yes, and it actually is proven to clean better than using cloths and rags.  The print on the paper allows you to dry any cleaning fluids from your windows and glass without leaving any smears behind.  Newspaper isn’t as widely used as cloths etc. to clean mirrors, but this doesn’t reflect on the job it does.  Give it a try before dismissing it completely.

Is using a vacuum cleaners bad for my carpets?

No.  The vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to be used frequently on your carpets to help to clean them and remove any dirt and dust.  Most of us will use our vacuum cleaner every day, and the majority of us rely on it as an effective cleaning tool.  The myth that it is bad for your carpet should completely be ignored, unless of course you have a very delicate rug or something that needs special cleaning care and attention.

Ammonia: can it be used as an oven and microwave cleaner, and also a carpet odour cleaner?

Ammonia is able to clean some things, however it is similar to bleach in this respect, what it can clean it will clean well, everything else it doesn’t really clean that well.  Ammonia isn’t the best or most versatile of cleaning products, therefore don’t bother using it, there are plenty of other cleaning products you can use.

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