29Jul 2009
What Carpet Cleaners Don't Tell You

What Carpet Cleaners Don't Tell YouThough it is possible for you to clean your carpet on your own, it is always better to hire carpet cleaners to do it for you. This is because they use the best equipment, methods and products.   There are so many carpet cleaners to choose from, you may find it difficult to choose the right cleaner for your job. Moreover, though you may do lots of research, comparison of quotes and services and check on references to choose your carpet cleaner, you should know that there are some things that carpet cleaners will not tell you.   Furniture Moving Costs   Many carpet cleaners don't add furniture moving costs when they give you their carpet cleaning quotation. So after they finish their cleaning job, they tend to add furniture moving costs to escalate your carpet cleaning costs.   You May Receive Amateur Carpet Cleaners   Another thing carpet cleaners don't tell you is if they will be sending in their own employees or if they will be sub-contracting. If they send their own employees, they can expect the employees to carry out the company's expert carpet cleaning services. However if they send sub-contractors, not only do they charge more; they may not give the results you expect from them.   It is possible for even the largest carpet cleaning company to send you an amateur carpet cleaning technician. The company will never tell you who they will send for your carpet cleaning job when you hire them.   Be Careful Of Pre-Sprays   You will notice that many carpet cleaners use pre-spray to help with faster cleaning. However they don't tell you that these pre-sprays will void the carpet's warranty. In fact, they may even claim that the spray is safe for your carpet, when it really is not. Moreover, if your carpet gets spoiled because of high ph levels in these sprays, your warranty will not get you a replacement carpet. Instead, you have to get it from your own pocket.   

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