28Feb 2013
Why should you Clean your Carpets?

Why should you Clean your Carpets?

Cleaning your carpet is something we all do, most of us do it on a daily basis by simply running the vacuum around the house, but why is cleaning the carpets in your house so important, why can’t we just pick up the big bits of rubbish, dirt or fur that we find on the carpet to make it look clean?  Here are some reasons why cleaning your carpet is something that should always be high on your priority list:

•    Your carpets are trodden on daily, often by people wearing shoes that have been used outside, this brings all sorts of germs and infections in from the outside, and the carpets are dirtied much quicker, which may cause them to discolour slightly.  

•    Carpets have things spilled on them frequently, this creates stains and marks that if left un-cleaned will start to stain.  Once they start to stain it will be more difficult  to remove the stain, and it may mean you have to buy a specialised cleaning product to remove it properly.  
•    It’s not always possible to see dirt or dust in carpets as it often get buried into the fibres of the carpets, so your carpets could be dirtier than you think.  Because these bits of dirt and dust are buried into the carpet it is often difficult to remove them, left un-cleaned these bits of dirt will become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs which may cause health issues and increase allergies in the people walking and sitting on them often. You should make sure that you use a carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner once or twice a year to clean your carpets properly, this will bring the carpet back to its original colour and increase its fluffiness.

•    Dust mites are found in most carpets in the home, they make themselves a home within the carpet and start breeding.  Dust mites, or more specifically the faeces that dust mites produce reduces the quality of the air within the home, this increases the symptoms of asthma sufferers, they can make people within the home more susceptible to allergies and can cause breathing issues and coughs, more flu bugs and colds and a general feeling of un-wellness.

    Your carpets are a perfect environment for bacteria to live and grow, as a result of this they should be cleaned regularly.  Bacteria causes many of the same problems as dust mites do, therefore you should do all you can to remove them, vacuuming regularly will help.
Not bothering to clean your carpets regularly can pose a health hazard to the people living in the house, therefore there are some things that you should do:

•    Vacuum daily to reduce dust, dust mites and dirt.  

•    Consider implanting a no shoes in the house rule to reduce the amount of dirt that is bought into the house.

•    Add a mat to the entrances of your home for people to wipe their feet on before entering.

•    Clean up spillages as soon as you notice them.  This way they will be easier to clean and remove the bacteria.

•    Use a carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner once or twice a year, to clean your carpets and get rid of all the dirt that has been caught up in the fibres.
How often you need to clean your carpet greatly depends on how much it is being used, and who by.  If you are a couple who both have full time jobs, you will need to clean your carpet much less than if you are a family with small children and a dog, all of whom use the carpet all day every day.  

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