16Feb 2013
Window Cleaning Hints and Tips

Window Cleaning Hints and Tips

Windows get dirty very easy and very quick. A simple rainfall can cause water marks and dirty windows. So it is ironic that windows are often neglected and left unclean and covered in dirt. Whilst some of us may have a professional cleaner come and clean windows on a fortnightly or monthly basis, some of us may not wish to pay someone else to do a job that we can do ourselves.

This article will give you some hints and tips which should hopefully make your window cleaning experience a good one, rather than a traumatic one.

Timing is very important. The best time to wash and clean your windows is during the time that your blinds have been taken down or when your curtains are in the washing machine. Use this as a reminder, where every time you wash or clean blinds, you remind yourself that the windows need cleaning.

It also makes the window cleaning process a lot easier since you will not have to spend time getting all the curtains out of the way. Neither does it mean that you can accidentally spill products and ruin your favourite set of curtains.

What should you use to clean your windows? Well, the possibilities are endless! Using plain old water will do the trick. This is what professional window cleaners often use. However, some people feel less comfortable using water on its own, since they feel the need to add a cleaning agent. This can be done.

Adding vinegar to ammonia can help get your windows sparkling and clean. Always use cold water. The dilution should be done as follows. One quarter of a tablespoon should be added to a litre of water.

If you live in a cold environment, it is highly recommended that you use alcohol, or a product containing alcohol. However, these are dangerous and can damage paintwork or woodwork, so be careful when spraying these. It may be more convenient and ideal if you use a alcohol based cleaning product which can be applied straight to the cloth rather than on the window.

Water can be mixed with other substances such as sugar, vinegar and even baking soda. If you are going to use a water mixture, ensure that you use a sponge and a chamois cloth in order to dry the windows after having cleaned them. A more convenient and useful alternative would be to invest in a squeegee, which would remove any traces of dirt and product. It will also leave your window moisture free, meaning that you will end up with streak free, clean, sparkling windows.

Do not be under the illusion that windows can only be cleaned with strong cleaning solutions. In fact, these are more dangerous and can harm window frames or paint. Remember, dirt can not penetrate the glass. So using something that is too abrasive will not be beneficial to you in the slightest.

Never use soap to clean your windows, since this will only cause smudges and smears on your glass. This is definitely not what you want. Regardless of whether you use a squeegee or a chamois cloth, using soap alone will leave streaks, no matter how much you clean or squeegee the windows.

Cleaner windows will make your house seem more attractive, not only from the outside, but also on the inside. It can also allow more light to enter your house, which will make it look bigger and brighter.

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