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carpet cleaning ActonWhen we say that we are available whenever you need us, we really mean it. We understand that it is not always convenient to wait for the cleaners to come in the middle o the day when you need to be off somewhere. That`s why we don`t limit our working hours to regular business hours - we`ll come clean your home or office when you need us to, after hours, early mornings, even on the weekends. This is the perfect solution for busy families in which everyone needs to be somewhere different during the day. You could have us in while no one is home so that you come back to a clean, fresh flat; or have us come when the kids are off at their after-school activities and you want the job done quickly. Our flexibility is also a great solution for busy offices. It`s hard to be productive and focus on your work if you hear the hoover going next to you or there are cleaners milling about. Why not hire Eva Cleaners as your office cleaners and have us in when everyone goes home for the evening? It`ll be like we`re an invisible crew taking care of all your cleaning needs.

The number`s 020 3409 1608, so give us a ring right away to find out how our carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, office cleaning, home cleaning and other services can make your job and your life a bit easier

Acton, in the West London Borough of Ealing, is a district that is located just 10 kilometres from Charing Cross. It is made up of East Acton, West Acton, North Acton, South Acton, Acton Town, Acton Green and Acton Central. While most of the district is in the Borough of Ealing, some of the ward of East Acton is actually in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and some of South Acton is within the Borough of Hounslow. If you live in Acton, or are planning on relocating there, then you probably already know that Acton is one of the most well-connected parts of Greater London. It`s well connected in the sense that there are seven rail stations that can get you into the city centre quickly and back home at the end of your commute.
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Acton throughout its history has been a largely industrial area. In the past century, many thousands of people were employed in Acton`s auto industries. South Acton was once called Soap Sud City because it was where all the laundry in West London was taken. It was also a large industrial centre during WWII. This busy and diverse area is currently undergoing some regeneration, particularly the construction of residential homes and flats in South Acton. The South Acton estate is home to nearly 6,000 people and is West London`s largest housing estate. While you might not be originally from Acton, if you live there now you share that distinction with the rock group The Who, all of whose members are from Acton.

You might be surprised to find out that our cleaning services won`t have you breaking the bank. Having someone in to help with the cleaning on a regular basis can actually save you time and money when you think of all the products you won`t have to buy and all the more productive things you could be doing instead. Calling Eva Cleaners on 020 3409 1608 today at any time is a step that you won`t regret. Think of us when you have a cleaning catastrophe, like a stain on your white sofa, or if you just need some help once in a while with the regular upkeep of your home or office.

Postcode W3 nearby postcodes W4, W5, W6, W10, SW13, SW14, NW2, NW6, NW9
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