13Mar 2015
15-Minute Domestic Cleaning Ideas For A Tidy Home

How Can I Clean My House in 15 Minutes?

Almost everyone should find it useful at some time to find advice that can turn a messy house into a pristine palace in straightforward, short steps. One thing that we all tend to do is turn a blind eye to the little muddles that build up through daily life. This leads to the danger of mess and dirt spiralling out of control. The longer you leave tidying up chores unfinished, the longer it will eventually take to put your house back in order. There are many house cleaning tips that can be done in around fifteen minutes a day, and lots of other suggestions that will make all kinds of home tidying jobs quicker and easier.

1.    Don’t make work for yourself. House maintenance can be time-consuming enough without doing unnecessary things like folding the family’s nightclothes. No-one will notice!

2.    Organize and delegate. Place a squeegee in the shower and make sure that whenever anyone showers they know that they must squeegee the bathroom walls when they are done. This kind of cleaning regime takes moments and prevents problems from building-up.

3.    Household chore apps are available to download. Create a checklist of household chores. Assign tasks to every member of the family.

4.    Try to remember not to leave a room empty-handed. If you are heading from the living room to the kitchen, have a quick look around before you go; chances are you will see a dirty coffee cup or something similar that you can clear away without making a special journey. This will also reduce the risk of mugs or glasses getting knocked over leading to spills that need to be cleaned up.

5.    Multi-tasking is a good way of getting a home clean-up done without thinking about it. You can watch TV whilst you do the dishes, work-out when tidying (every time you pick something up, turn it into an ab-crunch, sit-up, squat thrust or similar exercise) and listen to some stirring music as you vacuum. Making domestic cleaning painless and even fun will make it far less daunting.

6.    It is a good idea to set aside one day of the week which you can devote to catching up on many jobs around the house that you haven’t found time to do during the rest of the week. Do your best to stick to a consistent plan. Set yourself a few golden rules to abide by – maybe make kitchen cleanliness a priority and always at least keep your sink empty and clean every night before going to bed.

7.    Break house cleaning down into manageable sections. Make a different promise each day to achieve a set goal in one particular room. One day your focus can be on the bathroom; the next day you might decide that your lounge will look better for some sofa renovation, another day you could turn your attention to giving your carpets some TLC or hard floor polishing in the hallway. De-clutter as often as possible. Invest in storage boxes for things like kids’ toys and your home can look tidier immediately.

Multi-tasking is a highly recommended method of taking the pain and stress out of household chores. This is a great means of saving time whilst performing essential home maintenance tasks. Simple jobs can be completed during ad breaks in your favourite TV shows or as you talk on the telephone. It makes sense to prevent minor house-care operations from becoming major issues by tidying-up as you go in a room-by-room organized system of cleaning.

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