23Aug 2013
6 Ways to Make the Cleaning Process Easier

How to Make Cleaning Easier

When you hear the word “cleaning” you probably think of all the hours you spend doing your housework around the house. And those are hours you surely wished you could spend on something else. Spending a lot of time trying to clean every corner of the house is not pleasant, efficient or energy saving at all. But cleaning the home is something that needs to be done. Here are some tips on how to make this job easier, faster and more efficient:

•    Do some research on the products you want to use first! Some of them can be harmful to you or the surfaces you want to use them on.  Make sure that when you buy cleaning products you read carefully what they are for. Prior to using then, read the labels carefully. Usually, on the back of the product, you can find everything you need to know about that product: where to use it, how to use it, warnings, etc.

•    If you want to finish everything quickly and without exhausting yourself in the process all, you have to do is involve the family in this activity as well. We now, no one like to clean the mess around the house, but if you do it together it will be easier, more fun and you will finish in a shorter time. If you have kids you can involve them in this as well, by playing the cleaning game. Make a checklist with what needs to be cleaned and give them the checklist. Who does everything that`s written there, will get a treat? And in the end, everyone can treat themselves with an ice-cream or some cookies.

•    When you start the cleaning process, make sure you carry your cleaning supplies with you. Think about what you need to clean each room and take the products with you. This way, you won`t have to go back and forth every time you need a product to clean a certain surface. You can make the carrying process easier by putting everything you need in a bucket and taking the bucket with you. This will save you a lot of time and effort and you won`t stretch your nerves every time you realize you don’t have the necessary products with you, or that you left them in the other room.

•     Another “must do“ when you`re cleaning around the house is to dust first and vacuum after. This way, you will allow the dust bunnies to fall on the floor and you can vacuum them. This is a good way of preventing the dust to settle on the floor exactly after you vacuumed.

•    It doesn’t matter what types of appliances you have around the house, but what matters is to clean them from top to bottom. By respecting this rule, you will make sure you won`t get dust on the appliances you already cleaned.

•    If you are going to vacuum or mop the floors, do it from back to front. No, is not some freak-control advice, it`s just to prevent leaving footprints on the newly vacuumed carpet. This way, your carpets will look great after being vacuumed and you also avoid debris or dust getting on the vacuumed areas.

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