07Dec 2013
Bathroom Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Amazing Tricks for Cleaning Your Bathroom

When you are trying to maintain a clean and fresh home, it can often be trouble rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom that bring the whole side down a mark or two. It’s not because you are cleaning them less necessary, but more to do with how those rooms are used. The kitchen obviously involves a high amount of heat, and lots of messy food, so that’s obvious, and the water, product and human dirt that is involved in washing oneself will naturally make the bathroom a lot dirtier than the rest of the house. That is not to say that you need neglect the rest of the house, as dust and dirt will build up without you knowing it, but the kitchen and the bathroom certainly need more regular care than the rest of the place. If you can utilize that moment in the day that you are not doing anything that productive then you can certainly get things done one by one, to help reduce the cleaning that needs to be done overall. It is much better to live in a home that feels like it is being constantly cleaned, than a place that feels like it is waiting to be cleaned; remember that and you will be halfway towards keeping your workload low and your cleanliness high!

When you are waiting for someone to call you back, or you are on hold, or you have a television program starting in a few minutes, why not wander in to the bathroom and tackle a certain aspect or a couple of them, in order to keep the ball rolling on your bathroom cleaning? This way you can ensure that you never let the dirt get too much for you, as that way the bathroom will always seem a bit grubby and disgusting. You can separate sections; the bath, for instance, the sink or the toilet. They will take you ten minutes to do each if it is a tough job, less if it is less intense, so it is easy to fit these little jobs in with the rest of your day!

Tackling the bathroom, you need to remember that the cleaners that you use will often need a little time to work. If you can get the whole room done in one sitting, then this means you can simply apply the cleaner to all the surfaces that you will be tackling, and by the time you can cover them all, you will be able to start work on the first one that you did, as it will have had enough time for its magic to work! The most useful ingredient in bathroom cleaning is elbow grease, but if you leave the product on for long enough, the chemicals should break down the tougher dirt so that you are not simply using your elbow to do all of the work. The rule of prevention is even more important in the bathroom than in the kitchen, as the build-up of residue in the bathroom can lead to severe stains that are hard to remove. The nature of limescale and the grubby marks that baths get comes from ‘hard’ water that makes them difficult to clean. You will find that wiping down surfaces with a squeegee or cloth once you have finished in the shower, will reduce the amount of dirt build-up that you have to get rid of when you are cleaning. The same goes for sinks. Bicarb of soda in the toilet left for a while and then flushed every now and again will reduce the likelihood of staining the bowl.

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