04Dec 2013
Carpet Cleaning Is Easy Once You Understand The Basics

How to Clean Your Carpets?

Getting to know the techniques used in cleaning the carpet is not that difficult, and once you know how they work, you will be much better poised to make a decision on how you would like to get the job done. Cleaning your carpets is as much to do with renovating a room as it is to do with the carpet itself. You will find that over the years, vacuum cleaning does not actually do as much as you think it might for lifting dirt out of the carpet’s pile, and the dirt that does build-up can go unnoticed. The colour change that occurs over time will not be that obvious as it is a gradual process that happens with a certain degree of evenness, which means that it is pretty much invisible to the naked eye. The change that comes from cleaning your carpets can be really very surprising, as the reinvigoration of the colours in the carpet will be quite amazing. You should look over all the varying ways in which to clean your carpet, as they differ in ease and effectiveness, hassle and price. Having a guide to how each method works and the potential pitfalls is also pretty helpful, which is exactly what you will find below.

First off, home shampooing your carpet is an effective but potentially uneconomical method. You scrub sprayed foam into the pile and the solution will pull dirt from the fibres, leaving the carpet looking a lot cleaner. The issue comes with the way in which you then remove the foam residue. The idea is that it dries and becomes a powdery substance that is easily vacuumed off the surface of the pile, but there are often sticky deposits in the residue that will cling to the pile and not be vacuumed up. You will find that the adhesive quality of these parts will also attract dirt much more quickly than the carpet did before, which may mean that you have to clean the carpet more regularly. If you are looking for a quick fix that does not cost a lot, then this is perfect, but perhaps try investing in some higher-end shampoo, to see if it helps the carpet stay clean for longer.

‘Steam cleaning’ is otherwise called ‘hot water extraction’ and involves a machine that fires hot water into the carpet and then extracts it; hence the name. This vigorous process loosens dirt which is sucked up with the water, leaving the carpet looking fresh and clean. The hot water also helps break down the bonds in the dirt that makes it cling to your carpet, whilst also sanitizing it. You will find that this process is extremely effective if done well, but if it is done badly, then there can be serious issues. The job is one that must be done by a professional, and when you make the call, you need to be sure that the professional is using well-maintained machines, as any issues with extracting the water will leave you with a sodden carpet, prone to damp and mould.

Dry cleaning is more expensive but perhaps worth the money! The process uses a dry compound mixed with small amounts of solution, which is then scrubbed into the carpet by the hand of the machine. The solution attracts dirt away from the fibres and leaves the carpet looking incredibly clean. You will find that this method is most effective, but given the cost, it is not a regular thing to be doing!

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