16Oct 2013
Carpet Cleaning, which Method Will you Choose?

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

When it comes to the wall to wall carpets, there is not much that makes a room feel nicer than a proper clean. You can always hoover the place, but that will never get an older carpet back to its original vibrance, as it only sucks loose particles from the pile, rather than getting rid of the dirt that is really stuck in there. In reality, there are only a few options to choose from when it comes to deep cleaning a carpet, and it often depends on whether you want to go with a professional or not as to whether the method is right for you. Have a look through the following methods to see what it’s all about.

First off, there is home shampooing. You can buy carpet cleaners from the supermarket, or any cleaning store, so look at what is available near you. This process involves rubbing the shampoo and some water into the carpet and leaving it to do its work. Once it has dried, the shampoo will have hopefully collected the dirt and can be vacuumed out. The issue is, however, that some residue may well be left, and this can be an extremely good way of attracting dirt and making the carpet mucky all over again! Therefore, this treatment is a good quick fix but can be an issue for longer-term, as you will have to do it rather often in order to make it worthwhile, which can get expensive and time-consuming.

Professional options include steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is actually best known as ‘hot water extraction’ as it does not actually use any steam, though it may appear to. This process uses a machine t blast hot water into the carpet, whilst extracting it almost simultaneously. This process loosens dirt and sucks the dirty waterway in a vigorous way. The heat will also sanitize the carpet whilst helping to get rid of dirt. This is an extremely powerful cleaning tool which will be very useful in getting your carpets looking great, but it does have it’s problems. The process uses a lot of water, but if it is done by a well-trained professional with a high spec machine this is not an issue. With a lesser piece of equipment, you may well find that the extraction of the water is not as powerful as it needs to be, and there is a certain amount of water left in the carpet. This water will take a long time to dry up, and combined with the heat may well encourage mildew and damp to form in the carpet, which will ruin it. This process is only worth going for if you are certain that the equipment used is the best.

Dry cleaning does actually use a little water, but not much! A dry compound is spread across the carpet, or just on localized stains, and then scrubbed in by hand or machine. A machine will get a lot more of the pile cleaned, whereas hand scrubbing will only really get the top third of the carpet cleaned. The compound is mixed with a solution that attracts dirt to the compound, which will absorb it all, leaving the carpet fibres clean and looking fresh. The compound is then vacuumed up and the carpet will look great!

These processes all have their flaws, but if you can work out a way to do it under your budget then it is well worth the effects that clean carpet can give!

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