03Nov 2013
Cleaning Essentials to Make your Life Easier

In the long run, cleaning is not that difficult. The painful part of it tends to come in the repetitive nature of the processes involved, as well as the difficulty that getting round to the actual cleaning part can be. If you are well stocked on the materials that you need for the cleaning, and your equipment is suited to your needs, then you will likely find that doing the household cleaning is not actually that difficult. In a way, there is a lot to be said for the idea that if you are well prepared, then half of the battle is won, as most of the effort comes form being ill equipped or unready in general. Having a well stocked cupboard of cleaning stuff and everything to hand will mean that you are in a great position to get your place looking spotless whenever you need to, so why not ensure that you are completely set up? There are a few ways in which you can do this, and it takes a little step back from your norms to realize the ways in which you could make your life easier by doing things a little differently.

First off, take a look at those things that you use to clean. Essentially, there are very few instances in which your equipment will be suite to getting the job done efficiently. Everyone has a dustpan that had the wrong brush, or a mop whose head is a little balding, or a vacuum cleaner that seems to be impossible to maneuver around the room. These sorts of difficulties will make the cleaning so much more difficult than it needs to be, so why allow it to change how effectively you clean? Getting new equipment, and giving some thought to what you should be buying to ensure that you are getting items that make your clean easier will mean that you can up the speed and ease with which you can get the jobs done. If you have a lot of stairs, get a light vacuum cleaner, so that you are not tired out before you even start! If you have a lot of hard flooring, get a really good mop, or even a steam cleaner! It may seem obvious, but many people carry on doing things in the way that they have always done things, simply because they have never felt the need to work out an easier way.

Making cloths from old clothes is a great way to save money, as the materials used will be a lot more durable. You will no doubt find that there is a massive amount of unsustainable production in the cleaning materials industry, and especially when it comes down to cloths. Plastic based cloths and sponges lose their shape and are unusable due to collecting dirt extremely quickly. The problem is that they are not washable, and are therefore destined for the bin. This produces a lot more landfill waste than there needs to be, as using reusable cloths would completely reduce this wastage. Just pop your dirty cloths in the washing machine, and they will come out looking great, and ready to use all over again! You will also find that they are less prone to breaking, and will essentially cost you a lot less, whilst serving you a lot more.

Making your cleaning processes easier can just be about stepping out of your normal cleaning style and thinking about how you can make things happen in a different, more productive way.

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