10Oct 2013
Cleaning Needn't Be a Real Hassle!

Quick-and-easy Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

When you think of cleaning your own home, you are likely going to think of the negative implications. Few of us think immediately of the health and happiness benefits of having a clean house, more of the dull and hard work that the cleaning process can be. In fact, if you are clever about it, and make your house clean a regular thing, but stagger it so that it does not take up all of your time, you may well find that the negatives of the job are completely superseded by the positive aspect of having a fresh and tidy home from which to work and relax. There is nothing more stressful than extreme clutter, except for perhaps extreme dirt, so why carry on allowing your house clean to be a pain in your neck, when you could just as easily be making the chores into a regular bit of easy work that you begin to notice less and less as you get used to the process and factor it in to your day to day life.

The hardest bit is getting started, as they say, the first cut is the deepest, and you will likely find it a bit of a hurdle, as not being a regular cleaner can mean that you have a difficult task ahead of you. Getting over the initial clean and making everything completely dust and grease-free will be the beginning of an onward progression that will hopefully result in you getting on with a little bit of cleaning here and there at different points throughout the week so that there is never the need for a ‘big’ cleaning session ever again. For instance, when you get in from work, do the dusting; run a duster over every surface, and it will likely seem like you have hardly had an impact, but if you do it once a week, then there will never be enough of a build-up for the dust to collect and cause a problem for you. The same goes for vacuum cleaning and mopping; do it once a week, and whenever there is a need, and you should find that the floors don’t need much attention each time, and the job is a quick one. There is no reason to get the tasks to get the better of you, each one takes a short amount of time, depending on the size of your flat or house, and will be over in no time, it’s just getting them started that tends to be the problem. Work out when in your schedule suits you to have jobs and when you are too busy, and be flexible so that you can accommodate a heavier workload, but be careful not to procrastinate or avoid doing the jobs, as things will only get harder again.

By regulating the amount of time that you spend working on making your place nice, you can completely negate the need for a cleaner. You should find that you have a brighter, and fresher smelling home, that will surprise you, especially if you were particularly averse to cleaning beforehand. The environment that a clean home gives you is one where your mind will be clearer, and you will be less prone to illness and allergies. They say that 90% of dust is skin cells, so you will likely want to get on with cleaning just to avoid inhaling all of that dead skin cells!

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