03Apr 2014
Cleaning The Living Room Step By StepBest ways for Cleaning a Living Room As with all cleaning jobs in the house, assigning a little logic to the process will see you a long way, as that is what these things essentially come down to; process. If you are the kind of person who gets distracted easily by the boring housework, having a few steps to ensure that all bases are covered can mean that the whole thing goes by a lot more quickly. With this in mind, is a good idea to try and apply such steps every time, to ensure that you know that each one works. With this repetition will come a greater ability to get such things done without even thinking about it, and the job will get faster as well so that the cleaning becomes less of a burden overall; what’s not to love?Start with a tidy and by getting rid of everything that is not meant to be in the living room. This will clear your mind of the things that need to be moved elsewhere, and leave you totally free to concentrate on the room at hand, rather than the other issues in the house. Put magazines and books back in their places and ensure that nothing is going to stop you cleaning form this point onwards. Next, take the cushions off of the armchairs and sofas, and give them a shake. Brush all dust and crumbs off with a hand, and use the vacuum to get up all of the mess that has fallen between the sofa cracks. When all is dust-free, plump the cushions and replace them nicely. You will find that quite a lot of dust comes off them in this stage, so it is worth using the vacuum to get rid of larger clumps. Once the upholstery is dusted, you can polish surfaces and fittings, minding not to knock dust on to the newly cleaned sofa, however! Use a feather duster with a long handle for the high spots that you cannot reach, and a plain old cloth duster for the surfaces around the room. You should allow larger clumps of dust to fall on the floor, as you will be vacuuming it all up anyway! If you have stains on the carpet that you need to get rid of, then this is a great time to do it. Carpet shampoo sprays on as a foam and gets scrubbed in, but then dries to a powder, which will need to cover up, so doing it before the vacuuming is perfect. Be sure to use a really good brush, but be aware that you can totally overdo things by going too hard at it, and ripping the carpet, so be careful! Once all this is done you can vacuum the floor, and if you have wood or any other hard surface in the living room, then you should mop it afterwards. There can be some confusion as to what kind of cleaning product should be used on what flooring, but the easiest option is to use a squirt of PH neutral soap, like washing up liquid, in the water and wring it carefully. It is also essential that you use a non-scratch mop head. Cleaning the living room is as much about keeping it tidy in general as it is about actual cleaning. Dusting regularly and ensuring that everything is in its place will give an impression of log lasting clean at all times.

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