19Dec 2013
Cleaning Your Carpets and Floors

Best Ways to Clean Your Carpets

Floors are often be ignored because we place things on top of them and walk across them. We will do this multiple times a day and it can all build up to damage your floors. It can cause indentations in carpets and scratch plastic/tiled floors. We can drop food, spill drink and other liquids causing stains, hairs can cover them, each making them look unattractive and create blemishes. These will decrease the quality of your flooring as well as make it dirty. This can cause us and others to have negative thoughts of the rest of the room and building, no matter how clean the rest of it. It will make it tough to relax and get work done, so flooring must be cleaned properly and consistently. It can take a lot of work and dedication but the results are worth it, so read on for more information.

For regular floor cleaning, you should be prepared. Floors should be taken care of often because if you leave them they can become damaged and stained beyond repair, so a recurring clean of them is important. To ensure this id one, it can be worth making a schedule. Assign a date and day to when you will see to all of the carpets and this way you won’t have to worry about forgetting it, ignoring it or it happening at an inconvenient time. It also allows you to stock up on everything you need in advance, so you can get the job done fully and effectively.

For carpets, the most essential item is a good vacuum. The best model will be powerful enough to pick up all the hairs and crumbs on the floor, have a nozzle to reach tough areas, be manoeuvrable so that it is easy to use, be light enough you can carry it upstairs and so on. Carpets must be vacuumed often because crumbs and hair build up fast and frequently. You must get underneath items for a thorough clean, so move things out of the way and/or use attachments.

Plastic and tiled floors are cleaned differently. They must be vacuumed as well, but dirt, crumbs and hairs, will not stick to them as much so it won’t have to be done as thoroughly. However, these types of floors will get dirty faster, because liquids will stain easier and dirt will smear all over it. You should wipe these up habitually, using a damp mop or a specially designed cleaner. These are a cross between mop and vacuum, using an absorbent pad that will pick up bits as well as clean. They be electrically powered or entirely manual, but can be very effective for your plastic and tiled floor cleaning.

Stains are the enemy of your floors so you should know how to tackle them. The main aspect is to act quickly. When a drink, food, paint, banish, or whatever hits the floor you should wipe it up immediately use an absorbent paper towel to soak up the spill and then dab what is left over.

Stubborn and existing stains require more work and resources. You may have to scrub them hard with a web cloth but this may not work. If not, you can use store-bought detergents. When applied to stains they can loosen it so it can be wiped up or it will banish it entirely. Household products such as white vinegar can be applied to a cloth to wipe up a stain, giving safer result but may not be as successful.

It’s important to clean your carpets and floors, so follow these tips to get the best results.

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