10Sep 2014
Effective Carpet And Rug Cleaning TipsCarpets and rugs can last a long-time when they are looked after properly and this is great as it means it could save you hundreds of pounds of the years. Although we can retain the lives of our carpets and rugs for longer, when we know how, avoiding disasters is not exactly the realistic approach to have. Accidents are bound to happen, but fear not! When you know how to deal with the disaster that strikes, you are more than likely going to be capable of rectifying the situation.So let’s see what may be, and how we can deal with it effectively! Can I really do a great job of cleaning carpets?Well, yes! But the best advice is to take into consideration the size of task ahead. Are we talking about the odd stain or patch or a whole room which needs attending to? Usually odd stains can successfully be lifted and dealt with at ease, however to attempt to clean the entire room, especially when the room is huge, is far trickier and this is where it may be better to hire a carpet cleaning agency to do it for you.Domestic carpet cleaning agencies are they affordable!Domestic carpet cleaners are not that expensive and due to growing popularity and the more competition around today, most companies have been forced into reducing their prices to stay ahead of the competition, if you are going to hire a cleaning agency, hiring one now is the ideal time to do it!If you have tried and failed to clean your carpets at home and the only option you are left with is to actually replace the carpet, then of course hiring a cleaning agency is the most cost effective approach to take. New carpets certainly do not come cheap!Domestic carpet cleaning agencies do a remarkable job because they have all of the correct tolls and solutions and they are also knowledgeable of the tricks of the trade. One important part of part cleaning to ensure that carpets is fully dried out before you start stepping on it again, when you attempt to clean it yourself this can be very difficult because without the correct tools for the job it’s difficult not to be left with soggy wet carpets. Also its worth pointing put at the soggy wet carpets that take ages to dry are at risk of smelling of damp, so you may have a clean carpet but its unlikely that it will be smelling as fresh as it looks.For those who do wish to take on this task anyway, then using a steam cleaner is your best option as it’s more effective on larger areas and it doesn’t leave much moisture, so your carpets should dry out much more quickly.What products should I use at home to clean my carpets?If you do not have access to a steam cleaner there are things that you can do at home, that will help make a difference.For every day to day spillage, try a foam spray on solution that is designed to soak through to even the toughest stains, these are great for smaller areas, they smell incredibly fresh and they do not leave the carpet soggy soaking wet afterwards.  It is recommended that they are sprayed onto the problem area and allowed time to soak through for about 20 minutes, following this a little scrubbing with a brush or dry mop is usually enough to clean that area and rid it of the stain.

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