23Jan 2015
End Of Lease Cleaning TipsThorough Domestic Cleaning Checklist at the End of Your Lease When you are finishing up a lease at a house or apartment, there can be many stresses weighing on your mind. There is a lot to take care of, and end of lease cleaning is an important thing to pay attention to. This is a vital step in home cleaning and you need your rental to be looking spick and span when you move out. Not only will this leave a good impression with the realtor and homeowner, but it will also secure back your security deposit bond. To ensure that you complete a thorough domestic cleaning checklist at the end of a lease, take the following steps into consideration.Kitchen-    Thoroughly dust and clean the inside and outside of the cupboards-    Defrost the freezer and clean the inside and outside of all appliances-    Wash counter surfaces and the stove-    Clean the sink and the taps and make sure they are dried to prevent watermarks-    Dust and clean the window sills and windows -    Sweep, vacuum or mop the floor surfaces Bathroom-    Clean and disinfect the toilet, shower and sink-    Mop or sweep the tiles-    Remove any mould stains or other marks-    Wash the shower door or curtain and walls and squeegee excess water off-    Clean and shine other surfaces such as the countertop and mirrorBedroom, living spaces, lounge room-    Dust thoroughly and wash all surfaces-    Check ceiling fans, mirrors, window sills etc and dust these-    Clean any filters from heating or cooling appliances-    Vacuum or sweep floors-    Cleaning and washing curtainsOutdoor spaces-    Mow the grass, weed and trim edges-    Sweep pathways, decking or patios-    Empty the bins and give them a wash to disinfect them-    Check the garage or shed for oil stains and remove them-    Dust any cobwebs from the ceiling corners in the garage or the outside of the houseThere may be other areas that need attending to as well, including cleaning door handles, light fixtures and vents. These tricky little bits can often be the last thing you clean but are still very important. End of lease cleaning can be done in a number of different stages. The best way to tackle it is to start early. As soon as you start packing up a room, start cleaning as well.  To stay on track and organised with this, make a list of everything you need to do in each room and attach it to the door. This way, once the cleaning task is complete, you can tick it off the list as you walk out the door. Keep in mind that some cleaning tasks may need to be done two or more times, such as vacuuming and sweeping, to ensure it is done properly. There are also a number of cleaning companies that specialise in end of lease cleaning. It is worth investing in an agency to deep clean the floor surfaces and gives it a thorough clean over. You want to leave the rental in the best condition possible. This is the way that you are going to secure back your deposit bond so it can be worthwhile hiring a professional cleaning service to ensure that this happens. It is also important to get good feedback on your rental profile so you really need to do a thorough end of lease cleaning job.

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