25Oct 2013
End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for a Spotless Home

When it comes to the end of your tenancy, most agreements ask for a professional clean to be done, but that is sometimes not an option. The move may well have stretched you out in terms of budget, so you will be looking to save some cash by doing it all yourself, and why not? Cleaning is not that difficult, you just need a little know-how, and some time and you should be fine. Before you even start getting all the cleaning materials in, there are a couple of things to ensure with the landlord. Firstly, whether there are any marks on the walls that they do not recognize, or that were not there before you moved in. Hopefully, you will have taken photographs of anything that was obvious when you moved in, but if not, then it is wise to get the landlord round to have a look and to advise on what needs repairing. You should do all of this work before you clean, as it will make a bit of mess, especially if you are sanding or painting. Also make sure to ask the landlord as to whether he will be redecorating, as this is the kind of thing that will also cause a mess, which will mean that you should not have to clean, given that they will be undoing all of your hard work.

Cleaning should only start when you have removed everything from the flat. This way, you will be able to get everything swept up and hoovered without anything in your way; essentially you will be dealing with an empty set of boxes, however, there are still problem areas. The kitchen will be a particularly hard part of the clean, especially if you have not been that up on it in the past with your cleaning. The oven and fridge need to be spotless, as when the next person arrives, they are not going to want to be putting their food in to your mess! With the oven, get some decent oven cleaner, and be sure to wear gloves, as it can really mess up your hands. Leave the cleaner to do its magic whilst you clean the rest of the kitchen, paying particular attention to the tops of the cupboards, which will not have been cleaned for a while unless you are particularly fastidious. When you have done all of this, come back to the oven and scrub away all of the burnt-on grease and much that will have developed over the past few months, since it’s last clean. The grease will have built up due to the high levels of fat that evaporate from the food cooked, and the high heat, that basically bakes the grease on to the inside of the oven. This process will usually take quite a lot of elbow grease to get it done effectively, but the over cleaner should help cut through some of the worst bits. The fridge will be turned off until it is used again, so it is important that you clean it well, or any residue will start to go bad and make the fridge smell terrible. If the fridge already has a smell, then leave a bowl of bicarb of soda in there overnight, which will absorb the smells and leave your fridge feeling fresh.

Be sure to hit all spots that you may otherwise have ignored, like cupboards and bookshelves, as these can get really dusty if ignored, and such things may mean that your landlord can take your deposit!

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