28Oct 2013
Ensuring That Your House Cleaning Is Environmentally Friendly And Easy

Simple Steps for Creating an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Routine

The impact that cleaning has on the environment may not be high on the list of things that most people are worried about when it comes to green issues, but like the most industry in the world, the way in which cleaning products are made has been cheapened rapidly, and therefore uses a lot of dangerous methods to produce its products, which endangers the planet every day. The production of plastics is a particularly bad process for the environment, with much of the production producing noxious gasses, and most of the resulting products ending up in landfill within a couple of years of their making. This is an incredibly unsustainable way of doing things, and unless the people at home buying the products do something to prevent their continued production, then the planet and all of its inhabitants will be completely doomed. The resulting effects of a global shift in climate would be drastic and terrible, resulting in worldwide famine, war, overcrowding, and essentially a lot of death. Taking a little time to consider the consequences of our actions and the weight with which the future bears on a few changes to methods and ideas should show you that it does not take a lot to ensure that you are doing your bit.

Think about where your products come from. If your mop and bucket are plastic and are made in china, then it is very likely that the production of the plastic released a lot of fumes in to the air, as did the flight or boat over to wherever you bought it. In reality, a metal and wood mop and bucket will serve you a lot longer and can be bought from suppliers who have made them in your country. This way you reduce the dangerous processes involved in making the product, it lasts a lot longer, and you will not end up putting it on the scrap heap or landfill site; it will likely be reused, as metal and wood can be.

The chemicals involved in the cleaning process can sometimes be more dangerous than the dirt you are getting rid of! In a way, it is important that you can ensure that you are not covering your home with toxic fluids, especially if you have children. There are a couple of solutions, but both involve throwing these terrible bottles away through a safe means. Buying eco-friendly cleaning products will be better, as they are usually made up of plant extracts and minerals that are safe for the environment. The bottles are recycled and recyclable, and can sometimes be refilled, to prevent waste. These products are quite expensive, however, so you may want to look down another avenue.

Using lemon, vinegar and baking soda in your home is a great way to reduce the dangerous chemicals used in the place. These three can be combined with water and each other to create great cleaners that will suit your needs all over the home. In a way it means the end of buying expensive and dangerous chemical cleaners, as if you get the recipes right, they can tackle anything!

These are just a few examples of how you can reevaluate the impact that your day to day has on the planet, and they are not difficult to get in to. Small changes to your lifestyle can make all the difference, and unless some people start to make it the norm, then nothing will ever change and the human race will not be around for much longer.

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