17Apr 2014
Finding A Cleaning Service For Your Domestic ChoresTips for Hiring a House Cleaner Getting a cleaner that you know is perfect for you is a great thing, it is not at all easy, however. You will find that there are a great many obstacles standing in your way at first, and the main one of those is simply choice! There are so many different things to consider when you are looking at finding a cleaner, and with the vast numbers of cleaning companies and standalone independent cleaners out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. You will hopefully find some comfort in the series of tips and tricks that are found below, but remember that not all of them will apply to everyone, it will be as much about adapting the rules to fit your own criteria and context as it is about getting a leg up in the first place. For a start, begin where you are on firm ground. The promises of adverts and reviews online do not mean a huge amount if you don’t feel you can absolutely trust the sources. However, what if you were to get a recommendation from a friend? Then you would be totally comfortable with understanding that all you were told was totally trustworthy, and could proceed with confidence. So... Ask your friends! A recommendation from a friend gives you a much stronger leg to stand on, as well as being excellent for getting to know the cleaner in the first place. A shared acquaintance will give you a conversation starter and will break the ice nicely. Chances are that the cleaner who knows they are under double scrutiny will give a great performance, as they don’t want to lose two jobs by messing up just one of them! Not all friends have cleaners obviously, so you will need to look elsewhere. The internet is a vast place, as it is so easy to upload your own advert that it is hard to know whether you are being conned or not! Try looking in the window of the local newsagent, or the local free adverts. These are places where people who can be bothered to make an effort advertise for cheap, rather than just typing a few sentences into the computer from an armchair! You could also look in to using a cleaning company, rather than just an independent cleaner, but the two are pretty different for a number of reasons. If you go with an independent cleaner, you will find that they are easy to get along with, and will obviously be the same each time. However, this can lead to a more personal relationship than you may want at first. If you get stuck in a situation where the cleaning person knows that they can get away with being late or not turning up with decent notice, then you will be in a position where you have to be really tough, which is hard obviously. With an agency, this is not an issue, you just call the company and they deal with it. However, this might not be as attractive, as you know that you may get a different cleaner each time with a company, so don’t have a trusting relationship with the person cleaning each week. You may also take issue with the agency taking the cut that they do on the fee, especially if it is low already, which it often is. These are all things to talk over with the agency themselves when you are looking to book a trial shift.

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