21Jul 2014
Finding A Great Domestic Cleaning CompanyHow to Choose the Best House Cleaning Company When you are trying to find yourself a decent domestic cleaning company, you should be aware of the minefield that the cleaning industry can be. You may find the perfect cleaning company the first time, or you may end up with a sketchy independent cleaner, who does a sloppy job or does not turn up on time. However, if you are aware of these pitfalls that can come about, then you can easily prevent against them, and it is pretty essential that you are able to do so, as otherwise you will end up in a lot of trouble, and can waste a fair amount of money! Have a look over the following advice on finding the best cleaning company, and you should be easily sorted, rather than learning the hard way.When you are searching for a cleaner, be sure to ask your friends and family first. If they have someone who is great, does a good job and charges them a decent price, then there is no reason that you would need to search anywhere else! It helps to have recommendations from people that you trust, as it simply means that there is less risk involved. If you want to check the prices that they are asking against the prices of others then do so, but don’t spend any money on it, simply get quotes. If you want to be completely sure, then do a couple of trial cleans, and ensure that the place is in a similar state each time, to see that they are getting the job done right each time. You will find that having someone that you know you can trust is a massive factor, however. If you don’t have anyone recommending any cleaners, then you will need to find one yourself, and this is where it can get tricky. Online reviews are not always completely trustworthy, as just about anyone can upload their thoughts, whether they have even used the company or not! That aside, it is still pretty easy to find a cleaner who will do the job for the price that you need, and if you are around whilst they are doing a trial clean, then you can be sure to keep an eye on them for the duration of that cleaning period. You will find that it is important to be aware of how the place was beef they turned up, so check for dust on top of doors and window sills beforehand, and look to see if it is gone when they have finished. This way you will know how thorough the cleaners are, and you can ensure that you are getting good service out of it. When you are finding a cleaning company or an independent cleaner, there is a lot of room for negotiation if you are looking for something long term. Regular work is the mainstay of the cleaning industry, and you can use that to your advantage. If you know that you will be getting the place cleaned every week, for a year or two, then you can use this as leverage when working out the price per hour or per clean. An independent cleaner will be more willing to take a couple of quid off of their hourly rate in exchange for a guarantee of a certain amount per week, as it is long term security in their eyes. However, you may have to give them written agreement to this effect, as otherwise, your word will count for nothing!

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