10Apr 2014
Finding A New House Cleaning ServiceHints and Tips on Choosing Expert House Cleaning Service When you are on the hunt for a cleaning service, it can be hard to know how to be sure that you are getting a great deal or putting your home at risk, so it can be useful to have some hints and tips for how to filter the results of your search. If you have already had a cleaner and it didn't work out, or if you are looking for your first cleaning service, then you will likely feel a bit of benefit from having a few things to look out for as you commence your search for the perfect cleaning relationship!For a start, you should give yourself the best chance of finding a great cleaner by skipping all the searching and getting straight to the trusted opinions of people that you know well. It is very likely that you know someone who lives near you that can give you a great tip on who to use, and with that comes the added weight of the fact that you know and trust their opinions! Of course, if you have a friend who’s house is always a mess, then you may take their opinions with a pinch of salt, but for the most part, a friendly recommendation will be all the help you need! Some independent cleaners will not advertise that widely, so you may well miss out on some great options if you don’t cover your home bases first!If you have no luck with the friends and family route, then it is time to check out the world of the advertising cleaning service. You will find that there are ads all over the internet, but do check the local paper and the news agent’s window for those more industrious types who want to spread their net further. Independent cleaners who go to the bother of putting adverts in different places are clearly hungry for the job, and you are likely to get a good service from them. When you are selecting a cleaning service, you need to think about whether you will go with an agency cleaner or an individual. Both have pros and cons. You will find that an agency will give you a less personal relationship with the cleaner themselves, which can be good in that you don’t have to worry about the personal aspect of dealing with issues like lateness or illness. However, it can mean that the relationship is not a friendly one, which can create a strange atmosphere in your home. An agency will also take a cut of the cleaner’s fee, so it is essential that you know how much of your money goes where before you hire anyone, to ensure that people are being paid fairly. An independent cleaner can become a loyal friend, who knows exactly how you like your house to be cleaned and tidied,  and who will become like another member of the family. However, they can also take advantage of the personal relationship by calling you last minute and claiming illness or whatever else, which can be a massive inconvenience for you. In these cases, it is hard to be ruthless with them if you have a friendly rapport going, but the only way to ensure that no one is being taken for a ride is to be tough and give them a couple of strikes before you have to fire them and find someone else. After all, you need your house cleaned, and that is what they should be doing!

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