26Aug 2013
Give your Bathroom a Proper Cleaning

Cleaning the house is never easy or pleasant, but no matter how nasty the job is, you still want to end up having a clean home. But what about the bathroom? That is the only place in the house that most people rather ignore. Unfortunately, they can`t. Cleaning the bathroom is not an easy job, especially because sometimes you feel like you`re not doing enough because after hours of being there, in the end, there is still some mould or mildew on the tiles and the stains on the bathtub just don’t want to go away. Here are some tips on how to clean and sanitize your bathroom easy and properly.

•    Choose the right cleaning products first: bleach, disinfectant liquid and spray, mildew remover, glass cleaner, liquid furniture polish and soap scum remover. But none of these will get you magic results, and still there is one magic product that you never thought of and you never knew you had it in your home: the white vinegar. This within your reach liquid is good for both removing tough toilet stains but also from keeping away the bad odors from your bathroom. If you need it to remove those stubborn stains from the toilet make sure you use full strength white vinegar, and if used to keep the bad smells away, mix it with water (50/50) and spray it in the bathroom every time you leave.

•    Fighting with mould and mildew has never been easy because despite the fact that you remove them every time you clean your bathroom they keep coming back. If you never had mould in your home but you want to prevent it, it`s best to spray a layer of hydrogen peroxide and water in a 50/50 mix on the walls and ceilings. But if you are already battling with this awful fungus, you can use the same method, just a few times more. If the mildew and mould hasn’t disappeared after the first spray, you can do it again the next day.

•    Cleaning the toilet and the bathtub often prove to be more difficult than you thought. If you want to use a non-chemical product, the white vinegar is the solution. Still, some people prefer the products that have a stronger effect. If you`d rather use products specially made for this kind of cleaning, the citrus ones are the best to clean the grease and grime that accumulates there in time. Still, for more grimy toilets, bleach is a better ally in this fight. Not only it will remove the stains, but will also disinfect everything. Just make sure you don’t use it at the same time with other cleaning products.

•    Finally, a clean bathroom is not the same is the bad odors persist. Here you can either go for the spraying white vinegar solution, or you can choose the odor removing products (essential oils, room sprays, candles, etc.) sold in supermarkets. Picking one of these options is just a matter of personal choice. Also, to keep your bathroom trash bins from developing a bad smell, you can put some baking soda in the bottom of the trashcans.

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