21Nov 2014
Hiring A Domestic Cleaning Service For Your Move Out CleanReasons Why You Need to Hire a Move-Out Cleaning Company Hiring a domestic cleaning service for your moving out clean is something that will tremendously help when it comes to leaving the place you are currently residing in. Maybe you have come to the end of your tenancy and you have everything in order, excited to move to the next place in your life however you’re wondering how to clean up everything to make it look polished and professional when you hand back the keys. Fear not! Hiring a cleaning service would make your move much simpler, so we have shared a few key pointers on what you need to do before you hire a cleaning agency to do all this for you:•    Find out what you actually need cleaning. Some things you may be able to do by yourself, however, make a list of what needs doing so that when the cleaners come to your place, you know exactly what they will be spending their time doing.•    Make sure the company is professional, reputable and reliable. Find out how long the cleaning agency has been in business, as well as any reviews, recommendations, testimonials and proof of the work they have carried out. A lot depends on how you leave your place when you leave and the last thing you need is a botch job, which will cost you double the amount in time and in money. •    Evaluate what your budget is. Put together how much it is you can afford and search for a company that is able to provide you with the service within that budget. When you call up and inquire about hiring a company, be sure to inquire if they are charging by the hour as opposed to charging a flat rate for either the full day or half a day. Also, inquire if their quote is inclusive or exclusive of VAT and how they take payment. Some companies prefer if you pay them in advance, and some companies are fine if you pay them cash after they have finished on the day.•    Take a look at their checklist on their website before you book, to find out what services they provide. Some cleaning companies specialize in specific cleaning, maybe for floorboards or carpets, so their checklist will be able to help you identify what they do, so you can book accordingly. •    You should find a company that is locally based because if they are far, they will charge for coming out to you. Ideally within a 5-mile radius to make it easier for both of you, as well as it makes it simpler for them to reach you as well.•    Make sure that once they are done with the clean to make sure that all the stuff is in correct working order, as once something has been damaged you are out of time to be able to fix it. •    Hiring a cleaning company is often very wise for those who suffer from allergies including mites and dust. You will have already taken care of so many things whilst moving, you do not want to move into your new place feeling under the weather and poorly, so having a team come out to clean for you is handy because it saves you feeling less than in the long run.

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