21Jun 2013
Home Remedies vs. Commercial Carpet Cleaners

What Is the Best Method of Cleaning Carpets?

Home remedies have been around for many decades. Each and every single one of you will know of a home remedy that has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether it is the good old honey and lemon trick for a sore throat or using vinegar to clean window frames, we all know of a certain someone who knows all of these little useful tricks.

It is needless to say that women many years ago also developed a few home remedies that make the perfect carpet cleaners. However, many people are still sceptical as to whether these remedies are any good, and whether they can be compared to commercial products being sold all over the world.

This debate has been around for many years and will remain to be one of the main debates within the cleaning world. This article aims to mentions arguments made by either side, allowing you to make your own mind up about them.
The first point that is argued by those who love home remedies is that these remedies often involve items that can already be found in a household, meaning that no extra money has to be spent on purchasing cleaning products.

Cleaning companies on the other hand claim that spending extra money on cleaning products is well worth it since they are specially designed to clean surfaces, whereas other household products often serve different purposes e.g. to be used in cooking.

Home remedy enthusiasts also claim that using household products to clean carpets is a lot better for the environment since non-toxic products will be used. The environment is becoming a huge issue in the news and other media institutes and people are getting more and more concerned about green cleaning and using environmentally friendly products.

Cleaning companies and product developers on the other hand will state that they also have tried their best to encourage green cleaning by producing products that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Those in favour of using home remedies will claim that home remedies will not damage their carpets, whereas some cleaning products are too strong and highly concentrated causing fading and a difference in the texture of the carpet. Using home remedies preserves the colour and the soft texture of the carpet meaning that you will be able to enjoy your carpet for longer.

Commercial product developers however will insist that their products are the best if you wish to preserve your carpets. Instructions and guidelines given on packaging material is given for the sole purpose of using the product in the safest, most effective way and claim that damage to a carpet’s texture or colour will only occur if people do not follow these instructions carefully and that it is not due using the product itself.

Finally, those in favour of using home remedies will claim that it is much more convenient to whip out a few ingredients from the cupboard and prepare a cleaning solution than it is to go to the store to purchase products. This way, you are able to clean your carpets whenever you feel like it.

Manufacturers of cleaning products will argue that picking up a carton or can of cleaning solution is not going to take up too much time, especially since people have to go shopping at some point for groceries etc. By making these products available at a variety of different stores, consumers are able to pick these up whilst doing their weekly or monthly shop rather than having to go to specialist places.

Both sides make valid arguments, but the decision lies in your hands.

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