27Jun 2014
How To Clean Your Glass Oven DoorRight Way to Clean a Glass Oven Door The glass on your oven door can become filthy over time thanks to all of the food you cook inside your oven. Grease splashes, food stains and other dirt and grime particles can be difficult to lift from your glass oven door, but if you want help and advice when it comes to cleaning it then here is how you can thoroughly clean your oven’s glass door! 1)    Have the right materials.For a thorough clean of your oven door, you’re going to need a couple of things that you might not already own. Lemon ammonia, plastic wrap, rubber gloves and the scraper that you use to de-ice your car will all be necessary, so if you don’t have any of these things it’s important that you try to get hold of them! 2)    Loosening the dirt on your glass door.The most effective way to loosen dirt from your glass door is to wait until your oven is completely cold. Open the oven door and place paper towels onto the glass so that it is completely covered. Making sure you’re wearing the rubber gloves, carefully dowse the papers in the lemon ammonia. Make sure to never use ammonia around small children or animals and ensure that you’re in a well-ventilated area. Once the papers are moist, take the plastic wrap and seal the papers to the oven door. This will keep the papers in place while ensuring that the ammonia is going to do the best job possible. Leave this to soak for an hour or so. 3)    Chipping away excess dirt and grime.Remove the plastic wrap and throw away the paper towels carefully, ensuring that no ammonia is in reach of anything that you don’t want to get damaged. You should already see a difference, but take your ice chipper and gently wipe and buff away the dirt and grime from the glass. Use a dustpan and brush to clean the mess once you’re done! If you’re struggling to remove the grime then repeat the first step, as it should be lifting easily and without much effort. 4)    Cleaning the glass.You can now wipe down the glass door with a mixture of washing up liquid and water (a mixture of half and half). Use a spray bottle to soak the oven door and then wipe away with clean paper towels or with a clean cloth. Any remaining residue should now be gone, leaving your oven door looking as good as new! If your oven door still is looking less than great then simply repeat these steps – it may take a while and a lot of elbow grease but the results will definitely be worth it! 5)    Keeping your oven door clean.Preventing stains and grease splatter might be difficult, but try to find the time to thoroughly wipe down your glass oven door after use so that it can always look its best. You can use a wide range of products to do this, ranging from specific shop-bought oven-door cleaning products to homemade concoctions such as vinegar and water in a spray bottle, or washing up liquid and water with a damp sponge. You might need to spend some time discovering the right cleaning method for both you and your oven, so why not try a few different products to keep your oven looking as good as new?

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