19Oct 2013
Kitchen Cleaning Need not Be so Difficult!

Tips for Making Kitchen Cleaning Easier

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, you will most likely find that you can leave it to get neglected and that the grease and grime will build up. Sure, you wipe down after cooking, but re you tackling the areas that have the most dirt on? These are the sorts of places that you do not see all too often. A clean looking kitchen may hide a wealth of grease and muck on top of the cupboards, behind the microwave and in the oven, and these places are where the dirt will cause allergens in the air, and perhaps even give the room an unpleasant smell. You will find that these areas are the ones that are not seen and are therefore neglected. The issue with this is that they start to get more and more difficult to clean the more often you leave them uncleaned, causing a vicious cycle of neglected and tough to clean areas. These areas need to be tackled more often, so that they are not as much of a problem as they tend to become, so have a look at finding a day when you can set aside some time to really have a god go at the kitchen, inside and out, and get the place feeling immaculate.

To begin with, locate the areas that you feel are the most in need of help. You will most likely find that these areas are above cupboards, and in the oven, but other places are to be found, like inside cupboards, behind all the jars and spices, and behind the fridge and other appliances. The best way to do this is to pull such obstacles out of the way and sweep them out, then apply a load of household cleaner or degreaser, and leave for a little while. This time that you leave it will give the cleaner a chance to break down the adhesive qualities in the grease that makes it so difficult to get off. The kitchen is the worst area for cleaning because it is so full of grease through cooking. The heat of the pans causes the fats in the food to evaporate and this fat settles all over the kitchen. If you did not clean regularly, the whole room would look like the top of your cupboards!

Once you have left the cleaner for a while, you should get scrubbing. Use a stiff brush or a rough sponge in areas of tough, burnt-on grease, and you should find that it is fairly easy to get off. You may need a decent supply of cloths and sponges, however, as sometimes the grease is particularly difficult to rinse from your cleaning materials, and gets clogged up.

Have a look at the oven. For this you will need a specialized oven cleaner, that can get through the worst burnt on grease and grime that there is. The high heat of the oven, combined with the concentrated space that the oven is, and the food that you put in there, means that there is always grease being baked on to the inside surfaces, so the job is a tough one. Again, leave the cleaner to do its magic, and do the racks and trays as well. Wear gloves, as the oven cleaner needs a lot of potentially harmful chemicals to get through the dirt, and this can hurt your hands permanently. It will take a fair amount of elbow grease, but if you have left the oven cleaner to do its job for a while, then hopefully the dirt will come away.

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