04Mar 2014
Living Room Cleaning - Add Some Method To The Madness

Best Cleaning Tips on How to Get Your Living Room Looking Nice

The living room is not one of the most difficult areas to get looking great, but given that it is where much of the family’s time is spent, it is pretty essential that you can keep it looking nice and feeling fresh. Your domestic cleaning habits will have formed for a reason, but do you ever take a moment to consider whether you are going about things in the way that you do simply because that’s how you always have, or because that is the best way in which to do it? You may find that you are cleaning at an excellent rate and in an extremely efficient way, but you will never know until you have a think about it, and perhaps have a look at the ways in which others clean their own places!

Cleaning the living room is simply about logic. If you do things in the right order, then you won’t be wasting time re-doing anything, nor wasting time wondering what to do next! Set yourself a series of phases to the cleaning process, and you should find that things will be a lot easier and more logical!

So, to start, you need to ensure that the cleaning process is not hindered by anything, and that means getting rid of anything that does not live in the living room, or that does, but which is not in its correct place. You will find that most of the things that need to be moved will be vessels from the kitchen, and publications like newspapers and magazines. If you are concerned that the newspapers etc may not be finished with by other members of the household, then it is wise to find a special place in which to put them for future use. A magazine rack or a side table is a good looking way to ensure that your sitting room does not get too cluttered throughout the week. With all the detritus removed, you are free to clean the room unhindered, so start with the dusting, as this is a process that is most likely to cause more dirt in the rest of the room. 

You should be dusting fairly regularly, to ensure that the amount of the stuff doesn’t build up over time, causing a problem. You will find that a quick wipe down every few days will mean that the process is a quick and easy one, but if you leave it, it can become quite a difficult part of the cleaning. Dusters will carry a light amount of dust on them, but if there is lots, then they won’t pick it all up, meaning that you have to go over the surface a few times to ensure that it is clean. Once you have dusted, polish up all wood and metal surfaces with the appropriate polish, and ensure that they are shined and gleaming.

Take out the vacuum cleaner, and remove the cushions from the sofa and armchairs. Shake the dust and crumbs from the cushions so that they go on the floor, and use the nozzle from the vacuum to clean in all the cracks of the sofa. Replace and plump the cushions, and vacuum the floor, ensuring that you get absolutely everything up off of the floor. If you have a wooden floor in your sitting room, then you should mop after the vacuuming, with a damp mop, and a little washing-up liquid or wood floor cleaner. Do not leave any standing water afterwards, however.

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