13Oct 2013
Making your House Cleaning Part of your Schedule Can Reduce the Workload Overall

Regular House Cleaning for Reducing the Household Workload

You will likely find the housework a massive chore. Getting all of your washing, cleaning, drying and ironing did with time left over to relax is not easy, and you will often view such chores as something to be avoided. When it comes to cleaning the house however, it is usually the case that leaving things until the last minute is a sure-fire way in which to make the job a whole lot harder. With the toughest jobs being tough because of that area being neglected, you will, of course, understand that the dirt that has built up over time and solidified in to stains or limescale and the like, will have done so because of how little attention that area has been given. It is usually the unseen areas - around the back of the taps in the bathroom, or on top of the cupboards in the kitchen, that carry the most grease and dust, and this can be a serious health risk. It is worth making sure that you are covering every surface when you clean, as otherwise, you are opening yourself up to harmful dirt and air-born allergens. We’ll have a look at the ways in which you can make your cleaning more regular, and therefore less of a chore.

Start off by doing a proper spring clean, and working out while you do it, how long everything takes. You should find that you now have a clean slate to work from, and you will also have the information as to how long things take to work with. Be sure to make a note of any cleaning materials that you felt could have worked better in your favour as well, we’ll come to that later. Now that you know the time it takes to get everything done, you can allocate days when you have the time to get these sorts of things done. it is not a good idea to put everything on the weekend, as this will mean that you miss your weekend, and eventually start not bothering to do the cleaning, as you want to be out relaxing. You could always wake up half an hour earlier on a Monday morning, however, or go to be a little later on another night, in order that you can get a job done, like hoovering the house or dusting in the sitting room. These jobs will not take long at all if you treat them as separate tasks. You should find that as you have factored these tasks in to your week, the dust and dirt does not build up as much between cleans, so the cleaning process literally revolves around wiping down surfaces, which is not hugely stressful.

Making sure that you stick to the work plan as you go onwards with it is going to be the difficult bit, unfortunately. You may well find that having missed a couple of jobs out of one week, you don’t mind forgoing the whole week, and from then on it is really rather hard to pick back up. You should try hard to stick to the rota, as this will only improve things going forward, and otherwise, the job will become a big one again, that you continually put off, over and over again. Good luck with it all, and be sure to factor in a bit of flexibility for when you are really up against it in other areas of your life.

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