22Aug 2014
Making Yourself A Cleaning RoutineHow to Create a Cleaning Schedule that Really Works If you find that cleaning your home and that your household chores are a bit of a struggle then it’s a good idea to create a cleaning routine for yourself. Having a cleaning routine that fits around all of your weekly obligations, such as work or social gatherings, will mean that your house is never unclean and will leave you much calmer and relaxed! If you’re interested in making yourself a cleaning routine then here are some tips to get you started. 1)    List all of your chores and cleaning jobs.Start by sitting down and listing all of the jobs that you need to get done on a weekly basis. Try to estimate how many washes loads this might be, how much washing up you’ll need to do, when your recycling bins get taken away and anything else you can think of. You might be surprised at how much cleaning work you actually put into your home when you see it written down, but try not to leave anything out where possible! 2)    List your daily activities.Once you’ve listed your weekly cleaning tasks it’s now time to write down your regular schedule. Think about your job, your children and your social obligations so that you can figure out when you have time spare for cleaning. 3)    Creating your routine.Now that you know what needs doing and how much free time you have, it’s time to start assigning different jobs to different days. If you can spare a whole day here or there then this is a great time to tackle those bigger jobs, such as cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, while finding a spare hour after a busy day is an ideal time for washing up! A good way to create a thorough cleaning routine is to have a timetable so that you can know exactly what needs to be done and when. Fill in all of the slots of your timetable with your work obligations and then add in your cleaning jobs around them, that way you can tailor-make your schedule to suit your needs and the needs of your family. Try to give yourself a day off where you can, as you don’t want to be too overworked and too stressed! 4)    Assigning jobs to family members.Now that your schedule has been drawn up you can divide the chores between yourself and your family members. If you have children then give them simpler tasks, such as taking out the recycling bins, and make it clear on your chart when it is they need to do these tasks. If your children are quite unmotivated then you can easily turn your timetable into a rewards chart by using stickers. Having a cleaning schedule for the whole family is a great way to teach your children responsibility and will help to share the workload between you all! 5)    Sticking to your schedule.It can be hard to adjust to a cleaning schedule, and you might need to move certain activities around, but having a schedule is extremely beneficial for you and your family. You’ll never run out of clean socks and you’ll find that you have more spare time to spend doing fun things, instead of worrying about your chores! If you’re struggling to keep up with your schedule then play around with it, removing and moving jobs to make your days easier for everyone involved.

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