09May 2014
Minimizing The Fuss Of Domestic CleaningHow to Minimise House Cleaning with Good Habits There are a great many complaints that can come from cleaning the house, all the way from it taking too long, to being too difficult to get a good job done. It is sometimes the case that it just makes more sense to get a cleaning service around, and to see whether they can take the edge off of your stress, but in reality, it is rare that there is nothing that you can do to improve your lot! Having a look over the specifics of things that get in the way, and make the whole process that little bit more stressful can be a good thing to do with any process, and who would not want a way to improve their cleaning habits? If you feel like you could do with a little help in terms of reducing the fuss and bother that comes with the cleaning, then you may well want to have a look over the following tips and tricks for some inspiration. For a start, have a think about the time that you spend preparing, as opposed to actually cleaning. If you are able to reduce the setup time for your clean, then the whole process will be reduced in time and size. How often do you spend a few minutes struggling with the cord for the vacuum cleaner, or spilling water from your mop and bucket? You need to be sure that your tools fit your needs, and there is no point in having a massive great hoover if you don’t have a massive great house! The same goes for everything that you use, it is essential that it all fits the task, as otherwise, you will not be being as efficient as you need to be. The cordless vacuum cleaner is a very recent thing, but it takes a huge amount of the stress out of cleaning. So many times when considering going upstairs to get the carpets vacuumed, the idea of lugging the vacuum cleaner up the stairs, finding the right plug and then doing the job is enough to put you off bothering in the first place! Should you feel like this sort of thing would make your life easier, then you should perhaps think about investing in some new tools!Many people struggle with how hard some parts of the cleaning can be. If you have ever scrubbed an oven for hours, and felt like nothing has improved, then it may well be that you are not going about it in the right way! For a start, you need to allow the cleaning products that you use to do their job, so be sure that you are always leaving the chemicals in place for as long as possible, to give yourself the best chance of benefitting from their cleaning power! Oven cleaner should be left in place for half an hour to an hour, to really get into the burnt on grease. When you are cleaning the bath, the marks on the side can be pretty greasy, and you can spend ages trying to get them off. One way of battling this is to run a hot bath with the addition of cleaning product, so that the bath sides are degreased before you even come to tackle it. You can even use a scrubbing brush to have a go at the grime whilst the water is still in place, which will likely make the whole thing a fair bit easier. You can then drain the bath with all the dirt when you are done!

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