31Mar 2014
Preventing Paw Prints In Your KitchenHow to Avoid Muddy Paw Prints in Your Kitchen Pets can be a beloved inclusion in any home, but they can also lead to people have to acquiesce to the pet’s inability to help keep the home clean. Whilst you might be able to train a dog to sit, fetch and roll over, teaching him how to properly wash and then towel himself down after a walk in the rain might be a little bit more difficult. There can be few sights quite as annoying for the pet lover than to see the sight of a freshly mopped floor littered with little muddy paw prints, but what steps can you take to reduce the chances of this happening, whilst still making sure that pets are happy and content?One of the biggest and easiest changes you can make is to keep an old towel by all entrances to the home. Tucked away somewhere secrete, having this to hand when returning with a pet can help ensure that you always have a means of drying them down and trying to stop the mud from reaching inside the home. When it comes to walks during the winter, there are rarely any days when a dog might not pick up a bit of mud and dirt on any of their four paws, and with their boundless enthusiasm, they can often find the dirtiest spots during the summer too. Having a towel beside the entrance to your home can make sure that you’re not calling a house cleaning service after each and every walk. Likewise, keeping a towel beside the back door can help even if the dog was only out in the garden or if a cat if returning through a cat flap. Having the tools beside every door means not having to worry about getting through the house before you can dry down. Many pet owners find that limiting their pet to certain areas of the house can help when it comes to avoiding those tricky stains in difficult places. Some households have rooms which have furniture of a higher quality than in the rest of the house or have expensive carpets on the floor. Unlike the wipe free surface of the kitchen, carpet cleaning can be a little bit more difficult and is something which people wish to avoid. As such, the pets might find themselves limited to certain, easily cleanable areas of the home. As well as carpets, pets can pose a constant threat to upholstery. When it comes to finding cat hair or dog hair everywhere you go, finding a way to keep the sofas and the chairs as clean as possible might be a case of implementing a no pets on the sofa rule. However, thanks to the fact that these pieces of furniture are often the most comfortable, coupled with your pet’s desire to be next to you, it is not uncommon to be inundated with pleas that the pet comes and sit by your side. Even without you, you might come home one day to find the cat curled up in the best chair. Getting the hair from a sofa might be difficult, with a hoover not often sufficing. Calling in the professional upholstery cleaners might be vital before hosting a big event or if you are having somebody with allergies to stay for any length of time. When it comes to keeping the kitchen clean, it is not just muddy paw prints which you might want to worry about; food preparation surfaces should always be kept as clean as possible, and cats patrolling this area can often lead to the spread of germs. A strong any bacterial cleaning solution is advised when it comes to pets in the kitchen scenarios.

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