02Sep 2014
Reducing The Stress Involved In Office CleaningHow to Reduce the Stress of Cleaning Office If you are an office manager then it is more than likely that you are in a position where you could be in charge of getting the cleaning service sorted for your office. Office cleaning is a big part of ensuring that your office remains as productive as possible, as it is proven that clean and tidy offices are a more productive place in terms of staff concentration. If you are concerned that you have a lot on your shoulders when you are hiring a new or first-time commercial cleaning service, then there will be a few things that you should keep in mind all the way through. However, the main thing to remember is that beyond the security of the office, there is not a huge amount that can go wrong, other than perhaps an issue of a company charging more than they deserve. It may feel like a big deal, but cleaning services are very similar, so don’t sweat it too hard, or you may end up panicking and making a worse decision anyway! As a start point, it may be worth talking to other companies in the building to see who they use. If you work in an office block with other businesses, then there are likely cleaners that come to the building already, who will be prepared to work for you as well. It is likely that they may be able to sort out shifts so that they are able to get things done on the same day as another client in the building, making it an attractive option for them. If you know that another company uses them, you can ask if they feel that there is anything that should be looked out for when it comes to ensuring that you are getting a good deal from them. The other company may tell you that they are not great, or fantastic, or to keep them on a tight leash when it comes to timekeeping. These are all particularly helpful.When you are looking for cleaning contractors, you should be aware that they may well have to interact with your staff, so it is a good idea to vet the members of the cleaning team before you give them the job. Anyone who seems like they may make a fuss or get in the way by being overly talkative, irritating or rude should be monitored closely. You will find that the cleaning staff may get on well with your own staff, and that can be a good thing, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of either of their own work!Have a think about that main issue of security, and work out a way that will ensure that the company can get in and out without having to have keys in the early days. If you decide that you trust them well enough, then you can make things easier by giving the head of the team the keys or codes to the building. Think about when you will need your cleaners round as well. Work out when is best between weekends and after work hours, as these will be the times when your staff will be out, though after hours you may have one or two people that are still working late, and the cleaning can be a disturbance to them. As long as the staff at your office are aware of when the contract cleaners are doing a deep clean, then they will make arrangements to avoid working then.

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