12Jun 2014
Reducing The Use Of Toxic Chemicals In Your House WorkHow to Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals at Home There are many dangerous poisons lurking in your home, and they are most often found underneath the sink. You will likely not realize it, but the chemicals that you use to get rid of dirt in and around your home can sometimes be worse for you and your family than the dirt itself! The best way to toe sure that you are preventing any of the unhealthy side effects of using these kinds of products is to get rid of them! The other issue with these toxic chemicals is that they are really bad for the environment, as they are flushed in to waterways and systems that eventually lead back to the habitats of wildlife, and can really upset the balance of life there. If you are interested in using chemicals that are less harmful to you and your family, then you should look to have the bleaches and other toxic cleaners removed safely, and to look in to your alternatives.For a start, you should think about the shop ready eco cleaners available. You will find that there are a few brands out there that are dedicated to ensuring that you are cleaning in an eco-friendly way, and they have made their products to comply with this. The bottles will be made from recycled materials and will be refillable at the plant, to prevent the making of more plastic. Plastic is pretty bad for the environment, as its production releases dangerous fumes into the atmosphere, and it is not biodegradable. This essentially means that it will sit in the gourd for thousands of years, which is not exactly conducive to the safety of the planet. The eco cleaners are usually made from plant and mineral extracts, which clean in a gentle and natural way, which will not be dangerous to anyone that comes in to contact with them. The fact is, you need the products that you spread around your house to be totally friendly, as otherwise who knows how it could get into contact with you or your children, and cause nasty health issues. The ingredients in these eco cleaners will be fine for flushing away down the water system as well, due to their natural makeup, and lack of harsh chemicals.You will find that other natural products are easy to use as cleaning products, as they will always do the trick, and without breaking the bank! Whilst some shop-bought eco cleaning products are pretty expensive, you will find that the results that you can get from simply using lemon, white vinegar, salt and baking soda in conjunction with each other can be really effective, without the price tag. Lemon is a natural acid that will break through grease, as well as leaving a lovely fresh scent. White vinegar’s acidic nature will also break through grease, but it will be great as a deodorizer as well. You will find that baking soda fizzes up on contact with water, as it is carbonated. This adds vigour to a reaction, and that will mean that the cleaning is done a lot more easily. It also has whitening properties and can remove smells from a room. Salt will absorb moisture and smells, whilst also being a great abrasive in a cleaning compound, to break through tough stains on hard surfaces. You can use all sorts of things, form blue tack, to olive oil, to ensure that you are cleaning your home without any terrible and harmful chemicals being used.

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