29Aug 2013
Spring Cleaning Tips

How to Deep Clean Your Home During the Spring Season

Spring is the season of life when everything is in bloom when the chirping of the birds can be heard everywhere and the squirrels bound from tree to tree. This sounds like one of the magic lands from the stories with princesses, but for many women, this season comes with one of the greatest challenges: the spring cleaning. If you are one of those women and you want to go through this with ease, just read the following tips:

•    Clear out the clutter - Before starting the deep spring cleaning, sort everything in two categories: the things you need and the ones you don’t. After going through every room and deciding what is not useful anymore, you can either donate everything to charity or organize a garage sale.

•    Clean everything from top to bottom and from back to front - When we say top we mean starting with the ceilings and ending with the floors. This will prevent dust and dirt to go on the surfaces you already cleaned. Therefore when you vacuum the carpets start from the back of the room and end with the front while when you dust, start from top to bottom. And don’t forget to dust before you vacuum. Sometimes, there is dirt or too much dust which can fall on the floor. 

•    Air out the house - Once with the spring comes the warm sunny weather and you will be able to enjoy some fresh air in your own home just by opening the doors and windows for a while cleaning your home. After the spring cleaning, you can just open the windows every morning to enjoy the fresh air.

•    Don’t forget to clean the appliances and to clean and sanitize the refrigerator - Most people ignore or simply forget to do this. Even if you don’t see it, a lot of dust and bacteria accumulate in those places, so deep cleaning is a must when the spring comes. All you need to do is wipe the surfaces and sanitize them using special cleaning products.

•    Don’t do it alone - The spring cleaning can be a real hassle for some people, but if you don’t live alone, then you can ask your loved ones to give you a hand. This way, you will be less tired and the job will be finished quicker. This can be a pleasant activity if it`s done in the right way.

•    Wash the beddings and the draperies - Go through each room and take the beddings and the draperies for washing. Just be careful not to wash the colours with white, because this may ruin your favourite beddings. It would be better if you washed the beddings and draperies separately. This is the last job that needs to be done when all the cleaning is over.

•    Go through your winter clothes - This task is not necessarily a sorting one. If you don’t have anything to give away, you don’t have to, but once with the spring arrival, your winter clothes will become useless, because of the warmer temperatures. That`s why you should store your winter clothes and make room for the summer ones.

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