10Jul 2013
Tackling Cleaning - How to Keep your Home Clean with Minimal Effort

Low-effort Ways to Clean Your Home

Cleaning can quickly become an overwhelming chore if you’re not careful, but there are ways that you can keep your home clean effectively without having to spend an excessive amount of time doing so. Below are a few tips on how to clean effectively and quickly, but also how to go about keeping everything clean in the long term.

Little and often

The best way to prevent having to deal with a large amount of cleaning is to simply make sure that you clean a little bit fairly often. It can help to make yourself a cleaning schedule to make sure you stick to this goal, or simply set yourself aside an hour a day to have a quick clean of your home. Although this may seem like you will spend more time cleaning, it will actually ensure that you don’t let everything pile up and create a situation where you need to spend the whole day giving everything a good scrub and clean.

Planning your cleaning

As mentioned a schedule can be very helpful in keeping you motivated to clean a little bit every couple of days or so. Normally, you won’t need to spend too long in any one room with this approach, as once you have started keeping to your plan, nothing should ever require a major clean again, barring mishaps or other unforeseen circumstances. The best approach is to simply schedule in 30 minutes to an hour of cleaning a day in various rooms around the house. On Mondays, you could do the bathroom, for example, the living room on Tuesdays and so on. This means that when the weekend does arrive, you won’t have to spend all of it cleaning up the mess from the week.

Organising your cleaning

One thing that often makes cleaning a hassle is having to swap cleaning items every time you change room. You can easily remedy this problem by keeping a selection of essential cleaning items in each room. This will also make sticking to your schedule a lot easier, as you will already have everything you need in one room to do a quick 10 minute clean. Generally, it’s a good idea to keep a sponge, cloth and scourer in each room, along with room-specific cleaning products (glass and limescale remover in the bathroom for example) in easy to reach places. Overall, do everything you can to make cleaning as quick and easy as possible. Another advantage of using this approach is that you will free up more space around the house, especially if you had one cupboard for storing all your cleaning things previously.

Clean as you go

In addition to following your schedule, try to clean up after yourself as you go. If you’ve just had a shower or bath for example, take a moment to wipe the bath or shower and give it a rinse. The same can be applied to all rooms - washing up after dinner or cleaning down the worktops while you wait for a meal to cook etc. Try to get the family to follow this approach too. It can also drastically cut down on the cleaning required by getting everyone to help out. Getting everyone to clean their own plates and cutlery after dinner, for example, will be much faster than one person doing it, and so on. All these little things will add up to a lot of saved time in the long run, leaving you with more free time to spend how you like.

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