15May 2014
Top Tips For End Of Lease CleaningEnd of Lease Cleaning Tips to Help Receive Your Bond Back 1.    Ensure that you do all of your cleaning at the end of the removal. You will find that there is a huge amount of mess made by the process of moving the boxes and furniture out of the house, especially in terms of the dust beneath furniture that may have been left there for a while. Cleaning before you move things will be a waste of time, and the process of moving so many things around will lead to difficulty in that you have all of the mess getting on the areas that you had already cleaned. There is often a little DIY or painting to be done when you move out of a flat as well, and cleaning before you do this will only mean that you have to clean all over again. 2.    When you are doing those DIY bits and pieces, ensure that you keep the mess to a minimum, as the cleaning process should be a quick part of the move, not a massive job! You will find that putting dust sheets down will be a big help, as they catch all the debris and mess that comes with painting and filling places that you have put nails in to the walls. You will find that you need to be very careful when lifting the dust sheets off of the ground, having done the work in the first place. Be sure to pull the corners up together, to avoid the mess that had settled on the sheets flying off of them! 3.    When your removals team come round to move the furniture, put down groundsheets. Many removals companies will provide these, and they can be a lifesaver, especially if the weather is bad outside. These plastic sheets will stick in place, and be laid out to form protective pathways across the house so that the removals team can move around the house without treading mud in to the carpet all over the place. You can imagine that a muddy carpet would make your end of tenancy cleaning a much larger task than it perhaps would have been normally! 4.    Set yourself aside a full day in which to clean. You never know what is going to go wrong, or whether things are going to take longer than you thought, so it is a good idea to leave yourself more time than you think necessary in which to clean. You should make it a fairly relaxed affair, and you may even be able to make it quite fun by putting on some music, especially if you are doing so with friends who you have lived therewith. Do not leave it to right at the last minute, as this will only panic you, and that will mean that you are less likely to do a really good job in all. 5.    If you just don’t have the time, admit defeat. Your landlord will be expecting a professional clean, so it can sometimes be worth the peace of mind to just hire one! A professional cleaner will get the job done much more quickly than most people would, and it also means that you get a receipt with which to prove that no money should be taken from your deposit for cleaning reasons. Spend a little more than you might normally, just to ensure that your deposit is safe, and there is no backlash from the landlord or estate agent once you have moved out.

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